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What is carton packing machine?

Carton packing machine, which is also called carton wrapping machine, is used to automatically and continuously pack glass bottles, PET bottles, pop cans, jars, etc. with formed cardboard. Carton packing machine is suitable for automatic production lines such as beverages, beer, condiments, and food. Packaging process The packaging process is divided into bottle conveying, bottle stacking, cardboard conveying, bottle entering, glue spraying, carton wrapping, and output.

Structure of carton packaging machine

1. Mechanical transmission system--the transmission system of the carton box packing machine is generally powered by the motor, and the chain drives the sprocket to drive the shaft, divider, gear, etc., and the power is given to each mechanism to perform corresponding actions.

2. The material box rack mechanism--the box rack mechanism is used to store cartons, and the cartons can hold about (30-100 pcs), depending on the size and thickness of the carton, which is convenient for the staff to put the cartons, so that the Automatic suction box mechanism suction box.

Carton packing machine with automatic suction box mechanism is powered by a motor, and the automatic suction box mechanism operates. The mechanism is constantly moving up and down. Reach the highest point, if there is material, start to suck the box, keep sucking the box, almost reach the lowest point, the box reaches the station, and then put the box. At this time, there is a box on the workstation, the suction box is successful, and the work is repeated continuously. Carry out automatic suction box.

3. Automatic material boxing mechanism--the material automatic boxing mechanism of the carton boxing machine, during the operation, the material is detected on the station, the automatic suction box mechanism automatically sucks the box, and the suction box is placed on the station, at the same time There is a carton on the station, and there is material on the conveyor belt. The material is pushed into the carton by the push head, so as to complete the automatic box feeding.

4. Carton pressing mechanism--the function of the carton pressing mechanism of the carton boxing machine. When the automatic suction box mechanism sucks the box to the station, the pressing mechanism presses the carton, preventing it from moving up and down and changing the line, so that Guaranteed to be at the designated station. Better guarantee the accuracy of each step

5. The automatic box sealing mechanism of the machine--the automatic box sealing mechanism of the carton box packing machine. When the carton reaches the automatic box sealing mechanism, the motor will give the box sealing mechanism to perform the action work, and the sealing will be completed by folding the ears and sealing the box. The box speeds up the process.

6. Carton discharge mechanism--the discharge mechanism of the carton boxing machine. After the carton is sealed, it is the discharge mechanism. The carton is transported to the workbench where the box is assembled through the discharge mechanism. At this time, the packing is also completed.

7. Material conveyor belt--the function of the material conveyor belt is to transport the material, automatically transport the material to the structure of the automatic cartoning machine, and the automatic cartoning machine mechanism pushes the material into the carton. In this way, the process of automatic boxing and automatic output of packaged products is completed.

Features of carton packing machine

1. High degree of automation. After the initial commissioning, one person can take care of multiple lines in the later stage;

2. Good reliability, standardized unit integration, low equipment failure rate and high efficiency;

3. Easy to repair and maintain;

4. Compared with traditional manual loading, it has the characteristics of fast speed and high efficiency;

5. Reduce production risks and save labor costs.

The use of carton packing machine improves work efficiency, saves enterprise costs, and helps enterprises realize intelligent automation. Its application enables enterprises to get rid of the problems of rising cost of manual loading, low efficiency and low precision.

Types of carton packing machine

According to the degree of automation of the machine, it can be divided into: automatic carton packing machine, semi automatic carton packing machine, etc.

Automatic carton packing machine

The feeding of the automatic carton packaging machine is generally divided into three inlets: manual inlet, medicine bottle inlet and box inlet. The whole process from box feeding to final packaging can be roughly divided into four stages: box placement, opening, filling and closing.

Usually, the suction cup sucks the carton from the carton feeding port, and then descends to the carton loading main line. The carton is fixed by the clamping position of the guide rail and opened by the push plate. Simultaneously, two movable clamping positions will rise from below, clamping the sides of the carton from front to back, thus opening the carton at right angles and moving forward to the loading area. The finishing move is a key move. The finish is closely related to the structure of the carton and the precision of the machine adjustment.

In modern industry, automated production has become an inevitable trend of industrial development. It can effectively improve the production efficiency of the enterprise and bring more benefits to the enterprise. For example, in the loading process of modern enterprises, fully automatic cartoning machines have been used to replace manual work, which has become a popular equipment in enterprises.

Automatic carton packaging machine is a kind of automatic loading equipment suitable for box and bag product loading. Its use can shorten loading and stacking time, reduce labor intensity, reduce cargo damage, reduce loading costs, and improve work efficiency, thereby realizing the automation of the bagged material loading process.

Semi-automatic carton packaging machine

Semi-automatic carton packaging machine belonging to the technical field of carton packaging; including auxiliary packaging components, a first transport component, a second transport component, a lower folding packaging component and an upper folding packaging component; the lower folding packaging component and the upper The folding and packaging components are respectively arranged on both sides of the auxiliary packaging component; the first transportation component is arranged above the lower folding packaging component and the auxiliary packaging component, and the first transportation component is used to fold the carton between the lower folding packaging component and the auxiliary packaging component. Back-and-forth transportation between the packaging components; a second transportation component is arranged between the auxiliary packaging component and the top-folding packaging component, and the second transportation component is used to transport the carton back and forth between the auxiliary packaging component and the top-folding packaging component; The utility model is composed of a gear rack and a cam, etc., and has the advantages of simple structure, diversified packaging items, stable packaging quality, powerful functions, moderate volume, low production cost and high working efficiency.

Function of carton packaging machine

Carton packaging machine is playing an increasingly large role in the field of packaging with the development of the times and the advancement of technology, , and its main role is the following.

Carton packaging machine can promote the development of related industries. Carton packaging machinery is a comprehensive science. It involves various disciplines such as technology, materials, equipment, electrical appliances, electronics, and automatic control. It requires synchronous and coordinated development of all relevant disciplines. Any Subject problems will affect the overall performance of packaging machinery. In response to the needs of high-speed packaging of packaging machinery, the related processes before and after are bound to adapt to it, which also promotes the simultaneous development of related processes.

Working principle of carton packaging machine

Cardboard Import

The cardboards are neatly stacked on roller conveyors and then automatically guided into a lifting cardboard store located below the container inlet.

Package forming unit

The cardboard is transported under the container group and the ends are folded over by a mechanical device.

Technical parameters of carton packing machine

Production capacity80~110 boxes/minute
Box size(45~180)*(30~85)*(12~50)mm
Specification size(70~200)*(70~140)mm
Power50Hz 380V 1.5KW
Air consumption10~15L/min
Vacuum suction-0.6Mpa (with vacuum generator)
Weightabout 850Kg
Carton requirement250~350g/square meter
Specification requirements50-60 grams/square

Advantages of carton packing machine

Good product quality

Carton packaging machine is adopted, which improves the loading speed and stability.

Low production risk

Carton wrapping machine is adopted, and the production accidents are gradually reduced to ensure the smooth completion of production.

Wide range of applications

Carton packing machine is connected with various processing equipment to form a better automation function. It can bring good production benefits to food, chemical, beverage, feed and other processing enterprises, and can effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

How to use carton packing machine?

1. Operators are not allowed to wear gloves to operate, and do not wear too loose clothes.

2. Before carton packing machine starts, you should check the paper table tools or other sundries.

3. When the starter is not allowed to run at a high speed, the speed is zero, and the speed is gradually rotated to the rated speed.

4. The groove part is slotted according to the operating procedure. The blade of the paper cutter is very sharp and it is easy to hurt the hand. The slotting knife must fall in the middle of the groove.

5. Version, eraser, spatula, remove dirt, impurities, paper or cleaning machine should start cleaning after shutting down.

Application of carton packing machine

Carton packing machine are widely used in beer, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, and are matched with filling lines, etc.

How to order carton packing machine?

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