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Cashew Packing Machine

Cashew packing machine for sale

What is cashew packing machine?

Cashew packing machine belongs to quantitative packaging equipment, and single-scale and double scales can be selected. Cashew packaging machine adopts an imported microcomputer control system, feeding mode for large, medium, and small three-level electric feeding, easy to operate, high yield efficiency, the packaging machine is suitable for granular, granular powder mixed, strip, block, and other materials. It is suitable for the quantitative packing of granules, granule powder mixes, strips, blocks, and other materials.

Working principle of cashew packing machine

Automatic cashew packing machine is a common automated packaging equipment, which works on the principle of conveying cashews from the hopper to the bag. The following is the process principle of the cashew packing machine.
Cashew nut feedingThe cashews are continuously falling in the hopper through the vibrator. The falling speed of the cashews is controlled through the baffle to ensure that they enter the bag at a - fixed rate.
Bag conveyingBy controlling the speed of the conveyor belt, the new package prize bag is handed into the container, and when the cashew nuts are quasi-good, the bag's filling starts.
Cashew fillingThe filling mechanism controls the quantity of cashew nuts through the mechanical arm to ensure that the bags are filled with the same quantity of cashew nuts.
Sealing and cuttingThe sealing and cutting mechanism seals and cuts the bags according to the set size and quantity, completing one-time bagging.

Working process of cashew packing machine

a. Under the cashew packaging machine, the packaging material is loaded between two paper stopper wheels and set up in the slot of the paper arm plate of the automated pellet packaging machine, the paper stopper wheels should be clamped on the core of the loaded material so that the packaging material is aligned with the bag maker, and then tighten the knob on the stopper sleeve, and make sure that the printing side is facing the front or the laminating side is facing the back. Adjust the axial position of the packaging material on the paper wheel according to the situation of paper feeding after the machine is switched on to ensure the normal paper supply.

b. Setting the temperature. According to the packaging materials used, set the heat-sealing temperature on the temperature controller of the electric control box.

c. Bag length adjustment of packaging materials by the relevant provisions of the wear inserted into the bag maker clamped between the two wheels, turn the wheel, the packaging materials pulled to the cutter below, to be set to reach the temperature of 2 minutes, turn on the start switch, loosen the bag length adjusting screw lock nut, adjust the bag length controller knob, clockwise rotation for the shortening of the bag length, and vice versa lengthening, to achieve the desired length of the bag, tighten the nut.

d. Before starting the cashew packing machine, check whether the specifications of the molder and bag maker are by the requirements.

e. Turn on the main power switch of the automated pellet packaging machine, press down the clutch handle to separate the metering mechanism from the main drive, turn on the start switch, and run the machine empty.

Feature of cashew packing machine

a. Cashew filling machine adopts automatic modular design, vibration discharging, and weighing hopper working alternately.

b. Cashew nut filling machine can be equipped with an automatic loading machine, bag-making machine, coding machine, conveyor, and so on, according to users' requirements.

c. Cashew nut packing machine is equipped with a microcomputer control system, and the weighing unit is controlled independently without interfering with each other.

d. The whole machine of cashew packing machine is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and free from contaminated materials.

e. The deviation adjustment of the bags can be adjusted only on the touch screen, easy to operate.

f. The machine body adopts a stainless-steel design, easy to clean, in line with GMP specification requirements.

g. Packaging machine adopts double-belt servo film pulling, low film pulling resistance, good bag forming, more beautiful, the belt is not easy to wear.

h. The wrapping paper part adopts a self-weighted motor pressure paper feeding structure, the length of wrapping paper feeding doubles, and the bag making is smooth and nice.

i. Advanced PLC control system with bilingual display in Chinese and English. Packing speed and bag length can be adjusted stepless within a certain range without replacing parts.

Function of cashew packing machine

a. In food processing, the role of the cashew nut vacuum packing machine is not only to improve production efficiency but also to ensure the quality and safety of the food. Cashew pouch packing machine adopts a robotic arm and other automated components for operation, which ensures the stability and consistency of the products.

b. Cashew vacuum packing machine plays an increasingly important role in food processing; at the same time, the use of vacuum packing machine for cashew can also reduce the enterprise's labor cost and raw material cost, improve the enterprise's economic efficiency and market competitiveness.

Application of cashew packing machine

Cashew nuts, as a kind of dried fruit, have rich nutritional value, we usually in supermarket food area can see different packages of cashew nuts, but the packaging is very beautiful, to attract the eyes of consumers, so the sales also went up, cashew packaging machine production equipment came out to meet the demand of the market, and automated cashew packaging machinery can complete a large number of production tasks for the enterprise to bring a better development.

Automated cashew packaging machinery can be packaged according to the packaging needs of nut manufacturers to pack almonds, cashews, pine nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, walnuts, pistachios, jujubes, dried fruits, dried fruit, sultanas, banana slices, sandwiched snowflake milk--fruit jujubes, and other nuts and fried particles, as long as it is a common dried fruit class on the market, nut food, automated cashew packaging machinery can be packaged.

Use of cashew packing machine


Before any operation, it is important to check that the cashew packing machine is in proper condition.

a. Power and air supply. Check if the power and gas sources are normal to ensure that the equipment can operate normally.

b. Operation and maintenance records. Check the O&M records of the equipment to obtain the operation and maintenance history of the cashew packaging machine.

c. Safety switches. Make sure that all safety switches have been in the correct position and check them before starting operation.

Operation procedure

a. Operators must pass the relevant training and operating instructions for the automatic cashew packing machine and obtain the appropriate certificate before operating. During operation, the relevant regulations and procedures must be observed.

b. All tools, accessories, and items, including operating manuals and instructions, must be neatly arranged and set in the correct position before carrying out the operation.

c. Operators must properly wear a full set of protective equipment including gloves, safety goggles earplugs, and masks to avoid overexposure to hazardous environments.

d. Before packing, the cashew nuts and peanuts must be properly processed and cleaned to ensure that their quality meets the required standards.

e. Before filling and sealing, a suitable mold must be configured to ensure that the filling and sealing are functioning correctly.

f. The quantity of cashews and peanuts filled must be appropriate and not exceed the maximum quantity specified in the package. Jamming must also be avoided during the filling process.

g. When running the packing machine, the area around the machine must be kept clean for easy maintenance.

h. When running the machine, the operator must keep the machine stable and balanced to avoid rocking and tilting the machine.

i. While running the machine, attention must be paid to the quality of the surface of cashew nuts and peanut rice to ensure their appearance and shape integrity.

j. During the running of the machine, the operator is not allowed to leave the machine to prevent malfunctioning accidents and quality problems.

Precaution of cashew packing machine

After the operation is completed, the cashew packing machine must be cleaned and maintained.

a. Switch off and unplug the machine. When the operation is complete, the machine must be switched off and unplugged to avoid exposing it to electrical and gas energy.

b. Cleaning the packaging machine. The machine must be cleaned by using detergents to keep its appearance clean and eliminate the growth of bacteria.

c. Maintaining the machine. Ensure the long life and operational efficiency of your packaging machine through regular inspection and maintenance.

How to order cashew packing machine?

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