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Vacuum sealing machine for sale

What is vacuum sealing machine?

Vacuum sealing machine is a machine which puts the food into the bag, extracts the air inside the bag, reaches the predetermined vacuum degree, and then finishes the sealing process.

Working principle of vacuum sealing machine

Vacuum food sealer machine is a machine which is filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen single gas or a mixture of two or three gases after vacuum is completed. Nitrogen is an inert gas, filling effect, so that the bag to maintain positive pressure to prevent the bag outside the air into the bag, the food to play a protective role. Its carbon dioxide can be dissolved in all kinds of fat or water, lead into a weak acidic carbonic acid, with inhibition of mold, spoilage bacteria and other microbial activity. Its oxygen has the ability to inhibit the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, keep the freshness and color of fruits and vegetables, and the high concentration of oxygen keeps fresh meat bright red in color.

Function of vacuum sealing machine

a. The main role of vacuum packaging is to remove oxygen, in order to help prevent food spoilage. The principle is relatively simple, because the food mold and deterioration is mainly caused by microbial activity, and most of the microorganisms (such as molds and yeasts) survival is the need for oxygen; and vacuum packaging is the use of this principle, the bag and the food cells within the oxygen pumped off, so that microorganisms to lose the survival of the environment. Experiments have proved that when the bag of oxygen concentration ≤ 1%, the growth and reproduction of microorganisms sharply reduced, when the oxygen concentration ≤ 0.5%, most of the microorganisms will be inhibited and stop reproducing.

b. Prevent oxidation of food. Since fatty foods contain a large number of unsaturated fatty acids, these foods are oxidized under the action of oxygen, making the food tasteless and spoiled. In addition, oxidation also makes the loss of vitamin A and C. The unstable substance pigment in the food is darkened under the action of oxygen. Therefore, deoxygenation has the function of effectively preventing food spoilage.

c. In addition to vacuum packaging in addition to the oxygen preservation function, vacuum inflatable packaging is mainly pressure, gas barrier, preservation of freshness and so on. It can be more effective to make the food long-term retention of the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional value.

d. There are many foods are not suitable for vacuum packaging and must be vacuum inflatable packaging, such as crunchy and fragile food. Foods that are prone to clumping, foods that are easily deformed to remove oil, sharp edges or high hardness that can puncture food bags. After the food is packed by vacuum inflatable packaging, the inflatable pressure inside the bag is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside the bag. This design can effectively prevent the food from being crushed and deformed by pressure, and does not affect the appearance of the bag and printing decoration.

Advantage of vacuum sealing machine


Reasonable storage temperature and shelf life in the refrigerator for non-vacuum-encapsulated portions of foodstuffs

Type of foodStorage temperature(℃)Storage date (days)
Fresh pork-2~02~4
Beef and mutton-2~52~3
Chicken and duck-2~22
Other poultry meat-2~12
Fresh fish and shrimp1~23
Ham, salami2~64~5
Bean products1~55~7
Spinach, artemisia1~83~7
Fresh Lobelia1~83~7
Tender pea shoots and lentil greens1~83~7
Green Hairy Bean1~83~7
Pumpkin vegetable1~83~7
Fresh mushrooms, matsutake mushrooms, etc.1~83~7
Green vegetable1~83~7
Pickles and others1~53~7
Fresh lemon slices1~55~4
Apple (peeled)1~52~3
Pineapple (peeled)1~53~4

Reasonable shelf life after vacuum encapsulation

Type of foodGradeStorage date (days)
Fresh porkFrozen30
Beef and muttonFrozen30
Chicken and duckFrozen30
Other poultry meatFrozen30
Fresh fish and shrimpFrozen30
Ham, salamiFreshness180
Bean productsFreshness20-30
Spinach, artemisiaFreshness30
Fresh LobeliaFreshness30
Tender pea shoots and lentil greensFreshness45
Green Hairy BeanFreshness45
Pumpkin vegetableFreshness40
Fresh mushrooms, matsutake mushrooms, etc.Freshness180
Green vegetableFreshness30
Pickles and othersFreshness180 or more
Fresh lemon slicesFreshness30
Apple (peeled)Freshness25-30
Pineapple (peeled)Freshness25-30


a. Goods (dried mushrooms, coffee, cigarettes, seaweed, etc.), more than one year.

b. Herbs (Chinese herbs, tea, western medicines), more than one year.

c. Others (bread, mooncakes, dried fruits, paintings, decorations, video tapes, etc.), more than half a year.

d. Precision hardware, electronic equipment, printed circuit boards, within 5 years.

Working process of vacuum sealing machine

a. Vacuum. The vacuum chamber closes the cover, the vacuum pump works, the vacuum chamber starts to pump the vacuum, the vacuum inside the bag is vacuumed at the same time, the needle of the vacuum gauge rises and reaches the rated vacuum degree (controlled by the time relay ISJ) the vacuum pump stops working and the vacuum stops. In the vacuum work at the same time, two-position three-way solenoid valve IDT work, heat sealing air chamber vacuum, heat pressure frame to maintain the original position.

b. Heat sealing. After IDT is disconnected, the outside atmosphere enters the heat-sealing air chamber through the air inlet hole on its upper part. The heat-sealing air chamber utilizes the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the heat-sealing air chamber to inflate and expand, causing the heat press frame to move up and down and press the bag opening. At the same time, the heat-sealing transformer works and starts heat sealing. The relay starts to work and after a few seconds of action, ends the heat sealing.

c. Return air. Two-position two-way solenoid valve 2DT passes, the atmosphere into the vacuum chamber, the vacuum gauge pointer returns to zero, the hot pressure frame relies on the reset spring reset, the vacuum chamber open cover.

d. Circulation. Move the above vacuum chamber to another vacuum chamber, that is, into the next work process, the left and right two chambers work alternately, the cycle is repeated.

Use of vacuum sealing machine

Take tea for example

a. Turn on the power switch of vacuum sealing machine.

b. Turn the bag pressure strip, put the bag loaded with packaging into the working chamber, here to remind you, the product should not be loaded too full, the items to the mouth cannot be less than 4 cm. Then put the bag into the working chamber, need to seal flat on the silicone strip, the bag does not overlap. Turn over the bag pressure strip to press the mouth of the bag well.

c. Grip the handle (or press the edge of the upper cover) to press down the studio. Close the cover, then the machine according to the program to automatically complete the vacuum packaging process and automatically open the cover, part of the equipment is equipped with emergency stop switch.

d. Turn over the bag pressure strip, remove the bag, that is, to complete a work cycle.

e. When you stop working, you need to turn off the power switch and pull out the power plug.

f. After loading tea leaves into the vacuum sealing machine

g. Put the side that needs to be sealed on the heating wire of vacuum.

h. Set the sealing time, vacuum time and nitrogen filling time, then press the vacuum cover.

i. After the vacuum machine starts the vacuum pump, exhaust the air in the vacuum chamber.

j. The vacuum machine starts the nitrogen filling function, filling nitrogen gas to the time after the start of heat sealing to seal the product firmly.

k. In completing the vacuum inflatable packaging, it is necessary to put the food into the bag. The air inside the bag is extracted to reach a predetermined vacuum level, and then filled with nitrogen or other gas mixtures. Finally, the sealing and embossing date process is completed.

Precaution of vacuum sealing machine

a. Keep the vacuum packaging machine use environment clean, the use of the environment should not be excessively humid.

b. Do not use the vacuum packaging machine in flammable, explosive and other harsh environments.

c. The machine should be unplugged when overhauling to prevent electric shock.

d. The three-phase four-wire type machine should be equipped with the same type of socket that matches the machine power supply and should meet the requirements of three groups of four-wire power supply; the single-phase type machine should be equipped with a three-pole power socket and ensure that the machine is reliably grounded.

e. Keep the vacuum part of the best clean state, and regularly wipe the inside of the machine, on the vacuum pump oil, can only be added to the vacuum pump oil window of the two-thirds position, and strictly according to the vacuum pump instruction manual use and maintenance.

How to order vacuum sealing machine?

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