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Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Chili sauce filling machine for sale

What is chili sauce filling machine?

Chili sauce filling machine is widely used for filling various semi-fluids, pastes and sauces containing particles, as well as filling various viscous bodies and so on.

Chili sauce packing machine with automatic stirring function, simple structure, high accuracy, easier operation, filling valve controlled by pneumatic valve, filling accuracy is higher, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, filling head with anti-stretching and lifting filling device, the material contact part is made of 316L stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements.

Chili sauce filling machine can accurately blend and fill high density liquid materials such as chili sauce into bottles to maximize production requirements. It is a kind of filling equipment widely used in food industry. Chili sauce filling machine can not only improve production efficiency, but also directly affect the sales volume and product quality.

Working principle of chili sauce filling machine

Chili sauce filling machine is a kind of filling machine, which is composed of several systems such as mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and so on. Its filling principle is to use negative pressure to suck liquid for filling. Firstly, the filling material is heated to a suitable temperature and then conveyed to the filling head through the pipeline. When the disk rotates, a sealed space is formed between the disk and the valve opening. Then, the disk touches the bottle opening and a certain negative pressure is formed inside the bottle so that the liquid is sucked into the bottle. When the bottle opening rises to a specific position, a level control switch triggers the closure of the bottle opening and the completion of filling. The whole process is controlled by electrical and electronic control system.

Technical parameter of chili sauce filling machine

Production efficiency20-30 bottles/min
Filling volume100-500ml
Total power of machine0.26kw
Power supply voltage380V, 220V, 50HZ
Carton size (L×W×H)1600×650×1650(mm)
Machine weight (net weight)200KG

Type of chili sauce filling machine

Chili sauce filling machine can be divided into many different types according to different production needs. Chili sauce filling machines include manual single-head filling machines, semi-automatic single-head filling machines, automatic single-head filling machines, double-head automatic filling machines and multi-head automatic filling machines.

Manual single head filling machine is the most basic filling equipment, the operator by manual control to complete the filling process. It is suitable for small-scale production occasions and is very simple to operate.

The filling machine, on the other hand, adds an electrical control system on the basis of the manual single-head filling machine, which can realize a certain degree of automation of the filling operation. This kind of equipment is mainly used in enterprises and manufacturers with large production volume.

Fully automatic single-head filling machine is an efficient filling equipment with advantages such as flexibility and speed. It can greatly shorten the production cycle while enhancing productivity. This kind of equipment is suitable for mass production, and it can also carry out a certain amount of automated assembly line production.

Double head automatic filling machine, on the other hand, can carry out a variety of different filling operations at the same time, greatly improving production capacity and efficiency. This type of equipment is suitable for companies and manufacturers with large production volumes.

Multi-head automatic filling machines are generally equipped with multiple filling heads and can simultaneously fill a variety of different liquids. This type of equipment is suitable for companies and manufacturers that need to fill many different products.

Feature of chili sauce filling machine

a. Chili sauce filling machine adopts high-quality electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, reliable performance and long service life.

b. The use of high-strength stainless steel frame, easy to disassemble, easy to clean.

c. Automatic chili sauce filling machine is easy to adjust filling volume and filling speed, operated and displayed by touch screen, with beautiful appearance.

d. The chili sauce filling machine is equipped with no bottle no filling function and automatic liquid level control for filling.

e. It can quickly adjust various bottles of different shapes and sizes without replacing parts.

f. The filling head of automatic chili sauce filling machine is equipped with special anti-leakage device, filling without pulling, dripping phenomenon.

Note: The filling range and speed of the chili sauce filling machine can be designed according to the user's demand for different filling heads.

Advantage and disadvantage of chili sauce filling machine


Easy to adjust the filling volume, automatic feeding, fast filling speed.


Large size of equipment, small operation space, not suitable for small food factories and catering industry.

Application of chili sauce filling machine

Chili sauce filling machine is suitable for automatic packaging of all kinds of sauces and sauce products, such as chili sauce, bean paste, chili oil, etc. It is especially suitable for filling of large granular materials.

Chili sauce packing machine is specially used for quantitative filling and portioning of viscous sauce body, chili sauce, mixed noodle sauce, chunky meat sauce, etc. It is suitable for filling all kinds of viscous body and sauces containing all kinds of solids, such as chili pepper, peanut, chunks of meat, condiments and other objects in various containers, and it is suitable for oyster sauce, chili sauce, mixed noodle sauce and other sauces, chili sauce, hot sauce, spicy sauce, sweet and hot sauce, peanut sauce, bean paste, bean drums and other sauces filling.

Use of chili sauce filling machine

a. Place the product on the operation table of the chili sauce filling machine, turn on the power switch and the machine start to work.

b. After the machine runs stably, adjust the filling volume as needed.

c. When the machine runs until the filling volume reaches the requirement, stop working.

d. Open the lower material mouth, take out the product into the barrel.

e. After use, remove the residual material on the equipment and then cut off the power.

Chili sauce filling machine is divided into manual and automatic operation.

In manual operation mode, the filling machine can add the raw material into the barrel according to the requirement and then operate on the machine.

In the automatic operation mode, the filling machine can add the raw materials into the barrel according to the requirement, and then operate on the machine.

Precaution of chili sauce filling machine

a. The chili sauce filling machine should be checked inside the machine before use, if it is damaged, it needs to be repaired immediately.

b. Do not put your hands, head or feet into the filling machine, so as not to cause personal injury.

c. Prohibit the use of hands or body parts with water or oil to contact the machine parts and switches, so as not to cause damage.

d. After use, thorough cleaning is required.

e. Do not disassemble the machine privately.

Common trouble of chili sauce filling machine

In the production process of chili sauce filling machine, common problems include equipment failure, inaccurate filling, impurity mixing and so on. These problems can seriously affect the production efficiency of the filling machine and product quality.

Equipment malfunctions can be caused by damaged machines, insufficient power supply, incorrect equipment settings, etc. When equipment failure is found, timely repair and maintenance should be carried out with the aim of ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

Inaccurate filling is another common problem, which is mainly caused by the quality problem of the equipment itself and the instability of the filling materials. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to start from the following aspects: improve the quality and stability of the equipment, increase the inspection and monitoring operations.

Impurity mixing is another common problem, mainly due to the environment and improper maintenance. In order to prevent impurities from mixing in, external factors in the production environment should be minimized as much as possible, and the maintenance and cleaning of equipment should be strengthened.

Chili sauce filling machine is more and more widely used in the food industry. As an efficient and effective production equipment, it undoubtedly has an important role in promoting the production of enterprises. In the production process, by mastering the working principle, types and common problems of the filling machine, we can better carry out production work, stabilize production and improve product quality.

How to order chili sauce filling machine?

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