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Data Cable Making Machine

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What is data cable making machine?

Data cable making machine is a general term for various machines, tools, equipment and other facilities used in the production and manufacturing process. They are tools and facilities used to convert raw materials or other components into finished or semi-finished products and are an integral part of the production process. The use of manufacturing equipment can greatly improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ultimately shorten product delivery cycles.

Working process of data cable making machine

Appearance processing

After the copper wire is passed through the insulating material on the data cable making machine, appearance processing is required. This process includes cutting, peeling, welding, crimping and other steps. The purpose is to process copper wires, connectors, casings and other components into the form of finished data lines.

Exposed wires

Exposed wires refer to stripping off the insulating material and leaving the copper wire part that needs to be connected. The exposed wires need to be trimmed with pliers to ensure that the exposed length and copper wire size are suitable for the connector.

Insulation treatment

Insulation is primarily intended to protect wires from weather and mechanical damage. Thermoplastic elastomers such as PVC or TPU are usually used for insulation. For high-quality data lines, layers of mutually sealed insulating materials will be used to improve the data transmission effect.

Connector preparation

Connector preparation is one of the most critical aspects of making data cables on a data cable manufacturing machine. The quality of the connectors directly affects the service life of the data cable and the data transmission effect. The connectors of high-quality data cables are made of a mixture of pure copper and tin, and the processing technology is superior to other products of lower quality. In addition, other accessories are included, such as high-quality plastic jackets, etc.

Details of data cable making machine

a. Cutting: According to the customer's needs, cut the entire circle of data cable to the length required by the customer through the cutting machine on the data cable making machine. Be careful not to bruise or scratch it, and adjust the size and length.

b. Peeling: The thread cutting machine generally has the function of peeling off the outer quilt, but for core removal, you still need to manually use the core removal machine to drag it, and be careful not to scratch the core thread. The size and length should be reasonable.

c. Twist knitting: In this step, it depends on the raw materials. Some are needed, and some are not. Basically, the knots are removed manually. And pay attention to the knitting and twisting.

d. Cutting outer aluminum foil: This is mainly for editing cables and needs to use professional equipment on the data cable manufacturing machine to remove the aluminum foil on the core cable. Be careful not to cut the core cable and cut it cleanly.

e. Stripping the core wire: Use a core stripping machine on the data cable making machine to peel off the outer covering of the core wire. Be careful not to break or scratch the copper wire.

f. Soldering: There are two types of soldering: automatic soldering and manual soldering. Automatic soldering can include some simple ones, but complex ones still require a manual soldering iron. Pay attention to the temperature of the soldering iron and avoid misalignment, false soldering, or bright tin spots.

g. Tin inspection: The soldered wires need to be inspected to see if there are misalignments, tin connections, false soldering, and the tin points should be full and bright.

h. Forming inner mold: Use the forming machine of the data cable manufacturing machine to form the welded data cable. Pay attention to the forming pressure, temperature and time, and do not punch the glue, pick up the edge, or crush the iron shell, etc.

i. Semi-finished product test: Take out the points according to the sample. No open circuit, short circuit, or poor INT function.

j. Molding outer mold: Pay attention to the molding pressure, temperature and time. Do not press glue, cut edges, or crush the iron shell.

k. Test: Take out the points according to the sample. No open circuit, short circuit, or INT function failure.

l. Appearance inspection: No glue punching, lack of glue, sharp edges, crushing of the iron shell, or scratches.

m. Packaging: Wipe the appearance clean and tie the wires according to the size required in the drawing.

Components of data cable making machine

Copper wire stranding machine

Copper wire stranding machine is a machine specially used to produce data cables. It twists multiple strands of copper wire together to form a thicker copper wire to increase the transmission speed and stability of the data line. Using a copper wire stranding machine can greatly improve the quality and convenience of data cables.

Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine on the data cable manufacturing machine is a machine that heats and melts plastic particles and then injects them into a mold to form plastic products. The casing around the data cable is made using an injection molding machine. The injection molding machine can efficiently and accurately inject plastic particles into the mold to create a casing that meets the requirements of the data line, thus improving the durability and stability of the data line.

Soldering machine

Soldering machine has functions such as spot welding, drag welding, automatic cleaning, and jumping. At the same time, the soldering machine not only has functions such as position correction, copying, arraying, and automatic positioning, but the machine operation is simple and fast, and the welding process has multiple parameter settings, which can fully ensure the welding quality. In addition, the soldering machine located on the data cable making machine also uses a touch screen, has a friendly interface, is simple to operate, has high flexibility, and can develop the machine according to customer requirements.

Covering layer stripping machine

There is a protective film at the end connector of the data cable to protect the connector. But if you want to insert the data cable into the computer interface, you need to peel off this protective film. The covering layer stripping machine of the data cable manufacturing machine is a machine that peels off this protective film, which can efficiently and automatically peel off the covering layer at the end of the data cable to improve work efficiency.

Insulation crimping machine

Insulation crimping machine is mainly used to crimp five-color wires at the end of the copper wire of the data cable. The five-color wire is used as a way to connect the data line to the device. The insulation crimping machine can tightly press the five-color wire onto the copper wire of the data line to avoid undesirable situations such as falling off during use.

Features of data cable making machine

a. Efficient and economical
Data cable making machines can achieve efficient automated production, which not only saves time and labor costs, but also improves production efficiency.

b. High precision
Data cable manufacturing machine adopts advanced blister technology and automatic sealing mechanism, which can achieve precise blister and sealing operations, ensuring the quality and beauty of the product.

c. Strong adaptability
Data cable making machines are suitable for the production of data cables of different specifications and sizes, and can meet the needs of different users.

Advantages of data cable making machine

a. Data cable making machine can adjust the winding length, set the number of winding turns, set the length and number of turns, and can count the output.

b. Data cable manufacturing machine adopts PLC program intelligent control, parameter LED display settings and adjustable, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable, stable quality, etc.

c. Mobile data cable making machine not only can operate continuously, reducing employee fatigue, but also can improve operating efficiency and maintain quality consistency. And it can also save cable ties and other benefits.

Data cable making machine price

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How to buy data cable making machine?

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