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Detergent Filling Machine

Detergent filling machine for sale

What is detergent filling machine?

Detergent filling machine is one of the main equipment widely used for quantitative filling of all kinds of sterilization and disinfection liquids and dispensing of low viscosity, non-particulate liquids and processing of small batch production. Liquid detergent filling machine can be used for kitchen cleaners, 84 disinfection water, acidic solution, alkaline solution, toilet cleaner iodine, iodophor, disinfection solution, disinfection water, 84 disinfection solution, household disinfectant, alcohol, hand sanitizer, ethanol disinfectant, disinfectant, detergent, liquid disinfectant, detergent, disinfectant antiseptic hand sanitizer, corrosion-resistant liquid, sulfuric acid, acid and alkali resistant, detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, thinner, hand sanitizer, makeup remover oil, and so on corrosive or acidic materials.

Over the years, with its structure and good performance recognized by the majority of users, detergent packing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, oil, cosmetics and other multi-industry fields. With the continuous development of the economic level, the demand for sterilization liquid quantitative filling equipment has been increasing, and there are more and more manufacturers of sterilization liquid quantitative filling equipment.

Technical parameter of detergent filling machine

ItemTechnical parameter
Filling capacity60-200L
Number of filling heads1
Production capacity≥30 barrels / hour (200KG)
Gas source required0.6MPa clean and stable gas source
Equipped with power supply380V 50HZ three-phase four-wire

Accuracy depends on the adjustment of slow speed filling and material flow stability

Feature of detergent filling machine

a. The detergent filling machine can be used for quantitative packaging and filling of various non-gas containing fluids and semi-fluids. It adopts automatic weighing method, which makes the measurement more accurate and operation more convenient.

b. The liquid detergent filling machine adopts programmable controller (PLC) for control, 7-inch touch screen for operation and frequency converter to control the rotation frequency of the pump, which has the characteristics of simple and convenient operation and high production efficiency.

c. The detergent packing machine is highly intelligent, the parameters such as measurement adjustment are realized in the touch screen, making the operation of the machine more reliable and convenient, the machine operation, output, etc. are shown on the touch screen, and the human-machine interface is more friendly.

d. The unique anti-drip filling valve can effectively prevent the pollution caused by dripping during the standby process of the filling machine.

e. Inverter control of the pump's fast and slow multi-stage speed operation can effectively balance the pipeline pressure during the filling process and reduce the impact on the pump due to overload during startup.

f. The pump reaches full speed at high speed within a short time when filling to ensure the filling speed. When it reaches about 85% of the set quantity, the frequency converter automatically adjusts to the second speed, and when it reaches about 95% of the set quantity, the frequency converter automatically adjusts to the third speed until the filling is completed.

g. The weighing plate and the finished packaging container of the filling machine are transported without power, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity of the operating workers.

h. The liquid detergent packaging machine is made of 304 stainless steel material with strong anti-corrosion.

Advantage of detergent filling machine

Detergent filling machine adopts microcomputer PLC automatic control, human-machine interface, fully enclosed, submerged filling characteristics, which makes the operation more mechanized and does not require much human output. High metering accuracy, large filling range, compact structure, smooth operation, suitable for filling various regular shaped containers, liquid cylinder and its pipeline disassembly and cleaning, convenient and quick, these advantages can make the operation safer and the production speed faster. All parts in contact with materials are made of high quality stainless steel, the whole machine is beautiful and elegant, in line with the requirements of GMP standards, reducing the pollution of materials.

Application of detergent filling machine

Coating materials
Machine oil
Glycerine oil
Curing agents
Lactic acid
Phosphoric acid
Sulfuric acid
Emulsion paints
Hydrochloric acid
Flavors and fragrances
Acrylic resins
Liquid materials for chemical and food industries
Overall, detergent filling machine can fill detergent, hand soap, disinfectant, laundry detergent, softener, alcohol, bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, shower gel, flower lotion, cleaning agent and other liquid cleaning products.

This detergent filling machine line is mainly used for liquid and other pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and daily chemical detergent industries for filling, and the bottle type can be flat bottle or round bottle.

This liquid detergent filling machine line is mainly used for liquid, paste and other pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries with good fluidity and bad general filling line. After filling and capping, the product will be packaged by sealing and cutting shrinkage machine, so that the product has sealing, moisture-proof, pollution-proof, and protect the product from external impact. The line has the characteristics of wide application, high automation, high filling precision, high production efficiency, simple operation, personnel saving, long service life, etc.

Use of detergent filling machine

a. Turn on the machine.

b. Manually place the barrel to the scale for quick positioning and alignment.

c. System automatically detects barrel positioning.

d. Automatic tare.

e. Automatically open the valve to start large and small volume filling to reach the target value.

f. Valve closes automatically.

g. Manually move the barrel to the lid clamping area.

h. Pneumatic lid clamping by pressing [Lid Clamping] key.

i. End of filling.

How to order detergent filling machine?

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