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What is soap packing machine?

Soap packing machine is usually applied by soap manufacturers to pack soap. It can effectively replace manpower, greatly reducing the burden on workers.

As a common cleaning product in daily life, the packaging of soap is an indispensable part of the production process. The traditional way of soap packaging requires manual operation, and low efficiency, and will increase labor costs, bringing considerable pressure on the manufacturer. To solve this problem, an automatic soap packaging machine came into being. Soap automatic packaging machine through the automatic assembly, winding, and cutting soap way to complete the packaging operation, greatly improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, to ensuring the stability of the production line.

Soap packaging machine is not only suitable for soap, transparent soap, and other items, but also can be used for paper towels and other daily necessities, instant noodles, biscuits, moon cakes, bread, sorbet, medical bandages, bearings, and other solid small pieces of products of fully automatic packaging.

Composition of soap packing machine

Automatic soap-wrapping machine usually consists of four components, which are described below.

Feeding system

The feeding system is the starting point of the soap wrapping machine and its purpose is to automatically place the soap on the loading conveyor belt. The components of this system include the soap container, processing platform, etc. During operation, the soap is automatically transported from the container to the processing platform and then assembled onto the loading conveyor belt.

Winding system

The winding system is responsible for controlling the movement of the soap, positioning the soap, and adjusting the size during the packaging process. The system consists of components such as winding shafts and positioning shafts. Once the soap is positioned in the correct position, the winding shaft will start winding the soap.

Sealing and cutting system

The sealing and cutting system is the core part of the soap automatic packaging machine, which seals and cuts the wound soap. The sealing and cutting mechanism consists of several high-precision sealing and cutting devices, which can cut the soap precisely and make it into the shape and size of the seal.

Conveying system

The conveying system is the exit of the packaging machine in the merchant production line. After the whole packing process is completed, the conveying system will take the packed soap off the machine and convey it to the next process. The conveying system consists of a conveyor belt, motor, electric motor, and other parts, which can adjust the speed and conveying direction according to the merchant's requirements.

Working principle of soap packing machine

The working principle of a soap sealing machine is very simple.

a. The soap is placed on the loading conveyor belt.

b. A winding system is used to wrap the shaft around the soap.

c. A sealing and cutting system is used to cut the soap and make the right size seal.

Working process of soap packing machine

a. Place the soap on the loading conveyor and the soap starts moving automatically.

b. The winding shaft starts to work and winds around the soap.

c. The soap reaches the sealing and cutting device and starts cutting and sealing.

d. The conveyor system takes the packed soap off the machine and conveys it to the next process.

Technical parameter of soap packing machine

Maximum width of packaging material450/590mm
Packaging speed10-180 bags/min
Packing sizeL:90-400, W:10-150, H:5-40
Overall dimension4960*965*1750 / 49600*1105*1750
Packing materialOPP/PE PT AL/PE OPP/PE
Total weight1100kg
Power supply power3.66kw

Feature of soap packing machine

a. Soap packing machine consists of a servo motor, servo drive, and large size color touch screen as the control unit, with high control precision and an intelligent control system.

b. The servo system replaces the traditional mechanical film feeding system, simplifying the mechanical structure and making the packaging machine run more smoothly. At the same time, daily maintenance is more convenient and simpler, which reduces the requirement for operator's skills and also reduces the noise and failure rate of machine operation significantly.

c. The surface is treated with plastic spraying, soft color, hard texture, elegant grade, and wear-resistant\corrosion-resistant.

d. The surface of the soap cartoning machine adopts plastic spraying treatment, soft color, hard texture, elegant grade, and wear-resistant\corrosion-resistant. Anti-collision, suitable for long-term use in harsh and severe conditions.

e. The small soap wrapping machine adopts servo control, which improves the control precision and the cost performance of the product.

f. Optional equipment: coding machine, automatic punching machine, and other accessories.

g. A variety of sealing forms to choose from: reticulated, straight, vertical, patterned, etc.

h. Various cut-off forms are available: straight, corrugated, continuous, etc.

i. Positioning stopped (prevent hot film).

j. The soap pouch packing machine can be added with a corner folding device according to the user's need.

Advantage of soap packing machine

a. High degree of automation technology, the whole machine is controlled by a single-chip computer and its stepping motor. Therefore, the automatic soap packaging equipment operation is safe and reliable, set the main parameters simple and convenient.

b. Soap packing machine drive system is simple, and stable, not only can achieve the discharge, packaging, sealing, and cutting in place, and effectively improve the packaging efficiency.

c. Soap sealing machine has a precise positioning of the role of the stop, in the packaging for the final sealing and cutting of the process, not only accuracy is more accurate, but continuous contraction sealing and cutting when sealing and cutting knife is not easy to stick to the packaging film.

d. The soap packaging machine has a hygienic and reliable packaging environment. A piece of packaging in the whole process without human intervention, and equipment and material contact materials are all stainless steel, even the drive shaft is free of oil.

e. The adjustment system is flexible and the range of bags is exceptionally wide. Specification, shape, and properties of the object can be automatic soap packaging machine packaging.

f. Automatic soap wrapping machines can reduce power consumption, have high efficiency, and can be adjusted according to different market demands and technological upgrading, because it is controlled by the software as a whole, not only to retain the advantages but also to keep pace with the times. can reduce power consumption, and high efficiency, and can be adjusted according to different market demands and technological upgrading, because it is controlled by the software as a whole, not only to retain the advantages but also to keep pace with the times.

Precaution of soap packing machine

a. Add lubricant periodically. Since long hours of work can lead to improper internal machine wear and not enough internal fit, a proper application of lubricant can help with better functioning. It is recommended to add once every 80 days.

b. Safety. Automatic screw packaging machine working standard pressure of 0.3MPa, do not adjust too large or too small, otherwise, it will cause the machine performance paralysis.

c. Inspection of the inside of the machine. Every time before the operation of the machine, the machine must be checked internally. Checks include air supply, power supply, cleanliness of the vibration disc, thermocouples, cutters, etc., to ensure the quality of each machine. This operation can ensure the quality of each machine's work.

d. When moving the automatic screw packaging machine must ensure that the upright state does not bump, tilt, or put down.

Maintenance of soap packing machine

Basic maintenance

The key to the daily protection of the soap packaging machine is the cleanliness and leveling and fastening of the parts. During and after the working process of the machine, the necessary protection processes should be carried out according to the norms. The key task is the smooth fastening and testing of the relevant parts and their cleaning tasks, based on which the clutch transmission and braking parts of the soap packaging machine should also be thoroughly checked.

Key inspection

The key to the maintenance of the soap packaging machine is to detect, adjust, and eliminate hidden dangers, and balance the degree of wear and tear of various components. The need to discontinue the parts and components that affect the performance of the soap packaging machine equipment and the emergence of defective symptoms of the parts to confirm the diagnosis, testing, and reflect the situation, to end the necessary replacements, adjustments, defects in cleaning and other tasks, therefore, to extend the service life of the soap packaging machine, cannot be separated from the daily inspection.

Seasonal maintenance

Soap packing machine maintenance should also be based on different seasonal conditions for input. For example, in the summer or winter before each year, the a need for a key to the power system, delivery system control system, and other components for testing and repair. The protection of the control system, i.e. the control cabinet, should be ended under the guidance of the after-sales engineers of the soap packaging machine. In addition, when the need to stop for some time during the winter holidays, should be done together with cleaning, moisture, and corrosion work.

How to order soap packing machine?

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