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Double Sided Labeling Machine

Double sided labeling machine for sale

What is double sided labeling machine?

Double sided labeling machine is a device for attaching paper or foil labels to prescribed packaging containers with an adhesive.   

Double side labeller can not only improve the efficiency of the use of product labels, but also to avoid manual labeling film, can effectively reduce product costs. Double-sided labeling machine is relatively more powerful, in the product end of the plane to achieve, the side circumference, width, and the surface of the different methods of use.

Working principle of double-sided labeling machine

Double-sided labeling machine speed degree principle


Labeling machine manufacturers need to be based on their own requirements, combined with the front section of the production line to decide to buy the speed of the plane labeling machine. Comprehensive consideration of all factors, to achieve the real optimization, rationalization and unification.


Labeling process belongs to the product packaging process, the quality of labeling is directly related to the product's appearance and image and marketing. Customers require high labeling accuracy, good printing effect and flat labels.

Double-sided labeling machine structure principle

a. Conveying mechanism - convey the product to the labeling position, after labeling, convey to the receiving mechanism.

b. Receiving mechanism - to accept the products conveyed by the labeling completion.

c. Labeling head - the core components of labeling, to achieve labeling function.

d. Touch screen - man-machine dialogue window, for a variety of parameter adjustment.

e. Pagination machine - for the cardboard paper bag products automatically paginated, conveyor labeling.

The working principle of this type of double-sided labeling machine is to convey the product in accordance with certain rules in order, and then configure the detection technology. When the product reaches the labeling head product cup detection, the equipment will automatically labelings, product flow to the collection platform device or manual collection. In this process of conveying, detection and labeling action, are relying on the synchronization of hardware and programming control, so that the plane labeling more fit and beautiful.

Technical parameter of double-sided labeling machine

Driving methodStepping motor
Operation modeRight inlet/left inlet
Labeling speed0-150pcs/min
Bottle diameter∮30-130mm
Bottle height40-400mm
Label SizeWidth:15-150mm; length:15-300mm
Labeling precision±1mm (depending on bottle roundness and verticality)
Maximum outer diameter of label rollMax: 300mm
Inner diameter of label rollStander: 76mm
Machine size2800mmX1500mmX1530mm
Power sourceAC110V/220V

Feature of double-sided labeling machine

a. Powerful function. One machine can realize 4 kinds of products labeling (square bottle, round bottle, flat bottle, shaped bottle).

b. The labeling of double sided labeling machine is smooth, no wrinkle, no bubble, good labeling precision, high efficiency and good stability.

c. The use of flexible adjustment of the pressure top mechanism and guide mechanism. Structured combination of mechanical adjustment part and clever design of label winding. Convenient micro-adjustment of labeling position with 6 degrees of freedom (can be fixed after adjustment) makes the conversion adjustment between different products and label winding simple and time-saving.

d. For flat bottles, square bottles and curved bottles, it adopts double-side rigid plastic synchronized guiding chain to automatically ensure bottle alignment. There is only a simple requirement for workers to put bottles and assembly line to dock into bottles, which greatly reduces the difficulty of workers' work or assembly line docking.

e. Double side sticker labeling machine is equipped with the functions of no labeling without object, no labeling auto-correction and auto-detection.

f. Double side labeller can be produced by single machine or connected to the assembly line.

g. The main materials of the equipment are stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy. The overall structure is firm and beautiful.

h. Standard PLC + touch screen + standard sensor electronic control system control, human-computer interaction interface full Chinese annotation and perfect fault prompting function, operation teaching function; easy to use, simple maintenance.

i. Perfect equipment supporting information (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and other explanatory information), to provide full protection for the normal operation of the equipment.

j. Failure alarm function, production counting function, power saving function (no production within a set period of time, the equipment automatically transferred to power saving standby state), the production number of set tips, parameter setting protection function (parameter setting sub-privilege management).

Application of double-sided labeling machine

Applicable labelsSelf-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film, electronic regulatory codes, bar codes, etc.
Applicable productsProducts that require labels to be attached on side planes, side large curved surfaces, circular surfaces, square circumferences.
Application industryDouble sided labeling machine is widely used in food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, hardware, plastic, printing and other industries.
Application examplesFlat bottle labeling for shampoo, flat bottle labeling for lubricant, round bottle labeling for shampoo, and so on.

Inspection of double-sided labeling machine before operation

a. Detection of double-sided labeling machine components whether there are debris, if there is a need to purge, in the use of tight air to blow out the dust in the belt track.

b. Check whether the electrical system is intact.

c. Before the double-sided automatic labeling machine to ensure that there are no people or obstacles near or under the roller.

d. Double-sided labeling machine should be checked against the instruction manual before starting each system in the oil level, liquid level emergency coolant is normal and reliable, check the connection parts of the screw and ambrose is loose.

e. Check whether there are people or obstacles near and under the double-sided labeling machine.

f. Check that the vibration switch of the double-sided labeling machine is disconnected and that the gearbox gear is in neutral.

How to adjust the baffle edge of double-sided labeling machine?

Adjustment of the baffle edge needs to adjust the position of the front and rear feeding side and the front and rear discharging side according to the height and size of the object. According to the principle that the material can pass smoothly, adjust the position of the front and rear edges of the feed, so that the distance between the front and rear edges of the feed is slightly larger than the diameter of the bottle, and finally need to adjust the position of the full-automatic double-sided labeling machine's push plate, so that the distance between the push plate and the bottle belt is slightly less than the diameter of the label, so that the label can be smoothly rolled on the sticker.

Use of double-sided labeling machine

a. Conveyor belt transmission direction and transmission of the orientation confirmation.

b. Whether the goods are placed in the same direction on the production line and in the automatic labeling machine.

c. The running of the product and the direction of the double-sided labeling machine are ensured to be consistent.

d. The output and line speed of the production line should be synchronized with the double-sided labeling machine.

e. The height of the conveying surface is appropriate.

f. Confirm the connection with other machines in the production line and the interface with no special requirements.

g. Whether there is enough space in the packaging line of the double-sided labeling machine reserved for the labeling machine.

h. Make sure the label roll is wound in the correct direction.

Precaution of double-sided labeling machine

a. The machine should be cleaned with a dry cloth after a long time of non-operation, do not use corrosive cleaning agents to clean.

b. It is strictly prohibited to splash the liquid into the machine inside the electric box, so as not to corrode or short-circuit the internal electrical components.

c. According to the packing list of the equipment, check the model, specification and quantity of the equipment and materials should be in accordance with the requirements of the design and product standards, and should have the certificate of conformity.

d. Check the appearance of the equipment should be free of deformation, damage and corrosion, and the shafts should rotate flexibly without stagnation.

How to order double sided labeling machine?

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