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Sticker labeling machine for sale

What is sticker labeling machine?

Sticker labeling machine is a kind of machine that uses self-adhesive roll labeling paper. It is a kind of automatic packaging machine which continuously tears off the roll labeling paper through the supporting machine in the process of automatic bottle feeding and pastes it onto the bottle in the required position.

The control of sticker printer machine uses computer programming and LCD touch screen, text type and button type, and other forms. It is a modern electromechanical integration product, with excellent and reliable performance. Sticker printing machine has the advantages of being clean and hygienic, not moldy, beautiful and firm after labeling, not falling off for no reason, and having high production efficiency.

Application of sticker labeling machine

Scope of application of sticker labeling machine

Sticker labeling machine is suitable for labeling round plastic bottles, glass bottles, or similar objects in pharmaceutical, food, light industry, daily chemical, and other industries. The machine can automatically complete the bottle separation, synchronized separation of labels with label feeding belt, labeling, and automatic printing of batch number and date, with clear handwriting.

Application industries of sticker labeling machine

PurposeRealize the automatic labeling paste, in the product circumference, automatic labeling function.
RoleImprove the efficiency of product labeling. Adhesion position is accurate, good quality, high stability; to avoid manual labeling inefficiency, adhering to the skewed, uneven thickness of the glue and wrinkles and a series of problems, effectively reduce the waste of paste, reduce the labeling labor costs, improve the aesthetics of the product marking, enhance the overall competitiveness of the product.
Scope of applicationSuitable for any industry production including bottles, bags, plastic and other materials packaging.
Applicable labelsPaper labels (need to paste on)
Applicable productsProducts requiring paste-on labels to be attached on the circumference.
Application industryWidely used in food, daily chemicals, medicine, wine and other industries.
Application examplesPaste labeling on firecrackers, paste labeling on beer, paste labeling on pesticide bottles, and so on.

Feature of sticker labeling machine

Product features

Sticker labeling machine adopts electromechanical integration technology, using large torque stepping motor drive, and photoelectric control device, a power protection device, and other advanced systems, so it has a start buffer function, high overall sensitivity, low-speed torque, speed stability, stable working voltage, anti-drying ability, and other technical characteristics. Ensure that the labeling standard is accurate, stable, reliable, and efficient.

Principle features

a. Wide range of applications. Sticker label maker can not only realize the side (plane) single sheet labeling/corner labeling of square/flat bottles (full bottle state), but also realize the circumferential positioning of round bottles with single/double sheet labeling function.

b. Unique material dividing mechanism ensures reliable and effective material dividing when used in conjunction with the production line.

c. Unique corner labeling mechanism ensures that the three side corners of square bottles are labeled smoothly without wrinkles.

d. Sticker maker printer can be used both stand-alone and with the production line.

Technical parameter of sticker labeling machine

Power220V, 50Hz, 0.4KW
Label sizeL (15 ~ 300) mm x H (15 ~ 130) mm
Product specificationDia (20 ~ 80) mm; H (25 ~ 300) mm
Labeling speed0 ~ 75 sheets/min (a label) or 0 ~ 50 sheets/min (two labels)
Overall dimensionsL1800mm, W1100mm, H1300mm
Optional accessoryCoding machine

How to choose a sticker labeling machine?

Function and control system

Sticker labeling machine is equipped with the function of automatic calculation of label length, which is an automatic control technology formed by the combination of PLC and servo motor technology. When the conveyor bottle passes through the detecting electric eye, the radius of the bottle is measured and the most protruding point on the outer edge of the bottle is taken as the induction point of the labeling signal. That is, no matter how small the diameter of the bottle is the most protruding point on the outer edge of the bottle for the labeling signal induction point. In this way, the distance between the electric eye and the peeling plate does not need to be mechanically adjusted, and the labeling time does not need to be adjusted at all.

In the control of speed synchronization, label sticker printing machine in addition to the above "automatic calculation of label length" function, should also automatically complete the conveyor belt speed, labeling speed, labeling length, and other synchronization adjustments, which is also the difference with the traditional self-adhesive labeling machine, but also the stability of labeling quality. Labeling quality stability guarantee. Traditional self-adhesive labeling machine control speed is dependent on human experience and adjustment, and human adjustment of the difficulty is difficult to synchronize all the actions. If not synchronized, the labeling process will frequently change, resulting in poor labeling quality.

In the control system, the preferred (PLC + HMI) control system is the main one. Relative to the early microcontroller (single board machine), the use of general-purpose PLC as the main control device can make the PLC control system achieve the following purposes.

a. More stable and reliable.

b. It is easier to maintain and upgrade in the future.

c. The operation process can be convenient and up and down the workstation for on-line control.

In addition, the selection of stickering machine also needs to take into account the increase in the vision system, which can print the integrity of the word grain condition, as well as labeling after the labeling whether there is no labeling, whether or not the integrity of real-time detection, control, and alarm.

Feed speed, printing speed and output

a. Label sticker printer machine feeding speed. The output of the sticker pasting machine should be the first choice to examine the labeling speed.

b. Automatic sticker labeling machine printing speed. For enterprises, the label can be printed on the bit of information is particularly important.

Quality of labeling

The general quality requirements for labeling in the industry are as follows.

a. Labeling error ≤ ±1mm. Even after repeated labeling, the overlap position can also reach this value.

b. After labeling and bottle surface should be affixed, the labeling should be flat, with no wrinkles, and no "bubble" phenomenon.

c. Printed lot number characters should be clear and legible, without overlap and blurring phenomenon, and lot number position error <±1mm.

In addition to labeling quality and reasonable operation, the product needs to achieve the above labeling requirements related to equipment. Therefore, the following points should be considered in the selection.

a. The flatness of the labeling mainly depends on the reasonable design of the roll-on mechanism and high-precision processing, under the pressure of roll-on to ensure that the label and the bottle surface of the line contact.

b. High configuration requirements of the drive components. Because the core of the labeling action is a high-precision ultra-low inertia servo motor, in order to ensure the quality of labeling, its system application of closed-loop control, at the same time, the motor itself can always be corrected in the correction of its own position for their own correction.

c. Detection methods and detection components, but also to ensure the quality of labeling and labeling yield basis. Producers with the technical strength to change the past detection element only detect the imperfections brought about by the label printing, and now the detection method is changed to measure the thickness. The use of labels and labels produced by the gap between the thickness of the change to control the servo-electric operation. This is the best current detection method, and this is more reliable.

d. To achieve perfect labeling, the control of the machine is also very critical, especially the speed of bottle delivery and labeling speed. The choice of control should pay attention to the production speed signal can be synchronized to the system, and then analyzed and calculated for the servo motor. Requirements for the two need to match the operating speed.

e. Component Configuration. Today's high-speed labeling is established in the continuous operation of the machine, which requires the rapid response of the components, all actions are to be completed in an instant, which also puts forward the requirements of the detection component configuration. For example, the labeling servo motor, labeling motor drive, conveyor motor, paper motor, separation motor, frequency converter, labeling electric eye, label check out electric eye, paper stop proximity switch, programmable controller, and human-machine interface components are configured requirements.

Use of sticker labeling machine

Broken labeling treatment

The edge of the base paper of the label has a crack

Self-adhesive label backing paper is usually wider than the label, which is in order to facilitate the unveiling of the label when the customer labeling. In the process of labeling packaging, transportation and handling is easy to label the edge of the backing paper cracked resulting in small cracks. Automatic labeling machine in the labeling have a certain degree of tension, the edge of the backing paper has a crack in the label is easy to be pulled under the action of the tension leads to labeling broken tape. In addition, there are automatic labeling machine on the roller adjustment is not appropriate, resulting in roller pressure crack labeling edge of the backing paper caused by labeling broken tape. Generally caused by the rollers crushing the bottom paper labeling broken tape, the bottom paper cracks more regular.

Label rewinding too tight and causes glue seepage

In the labeling process of sticker labeling machine, if the finished label rewinding is too tight, it will cause the adhesive in the self-adhesive to be extruded resulting in oozing glue. The oozing glue will stick to the back of the backing paper so that the whole roll of labels is not easy to loosen. This situation is especially obvious in summer. If the label is narrow, then the backing paper in the unit area of the tensile strength will not be too large. Automatic labeling machine in the labeling process is a certain tension. When the phenomenon of adhesive permeation of a roll of labels is used to do automatic labeling, the labeling process is likely to uncover the labeling of the backing paper in the labeling machine tension and tension from the roll body under the action of the internal tension is pulled off to cause labeling broken tape. This situation is caused by the labeling of broken tape, because the tension is pulled off so the bottom of the paper is broken irregularly, but the fracture surface is relatively flush.

Bad cutting

Die-cutting quality is also good or bad on the automatic labeling whether it is easy to break with a great impact. If the die-cutting pressure is too big to cause the base paper is cut through the base paper caused by the decline in tensile strength resulting in labeling broken tape. Bad die cutting leads to labeling broken tape bottom paper fracture surface is relatively flush, and cracks in the die cutting line position.

Destruction of the release layer

If the release layer of the backing paper (usually silicone oil layer) is destroyed can also lead to labeling broken tape. This situation will cause self-adhesive labeling machine in the labeling process labeling broken tape, the base paper of the fracture surface is jagged. Caused by the destruction of the release layer of raw materials production coating defects, at the same time in the printing plant inspection to make up for the labeling process due to improper techniques may also cause the release layer abrasion.

How to order sticker labeling machine?

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