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Eye Drop Filling Machine

Eye drop filling machine for sale

What is eye drop filling machine?

Eye drop filling machine is a kind of machine that can be used to fill glass, plastic, metal and other containers with vacuum negative pressure and self-absorption. Eye drop machine is usually used to fill the container caliber requirements to be small, the liquid surface caliber requirements are greater than the static pressure of the liquid. It is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and other industries.

Working principle of eye drop filling machine

Transmission principle. The power is transmitted from the motor to the worm gear shaft of the speed reducer through the belt pulley, and then from the worm gear shaft through each gear, the power is transmitted to the toggle wheel shaft and the filling part and the cap rolling head. The filling part, capping head and each toggle wheel synchronize the action, and the power is transmitted to the bottle-feeding toggle wheel device through the bevel gear.

Principle of filling section. Eye drops bottle is sent to the transition dial wheel by the bottle-feeding big dial wheel, and then sent to the synchronous belt by the transition dial wheel, and the bottle is dragged forward at a uniform speed by the inlays on the synchronous belt, and the filling needle is inserted into the mouth of the bottle under the control of the tracking mechanism and runs forward in synchronization with the bottle to realize tracking filling. The submerged needle rises with the rise of the liquid level and plays the role of defoaming.

Cap supply system. It consists of cap conveyor rail, cap head, and cap wearing mechanism. Capping head adopts the principle of electromagnetic spiral oscillation, the messy caps will be sorted out and lined up, and enter into the cap delivery track through the reversing twisting channel, and when it passes through the cap-wearing mechanism, the caps will be hung by the bottles and pass through the pressure cap plate, so that the caps will be put on correctly.

Rotary head. Eye drops bottle wearing a good lid into the rotary head turntable, under the control of the cam pressure on the lid, while the cylinder holding the bottle, the bottle does not move, then the rotary head to tighten the lid, and at the same time, leaving the lid, back to the original position.

Tracking filling mechanism. The servo motor drives the gear and rack movement, thus driving the filling needle to do reciprocating movement. By adjusting the relative position of the needle holder and the mounting bracket, the filling needle can be accurately inserted into the middle of the bottle mouth.

Composition of eye drop filling machine

Automatic eye drops filling machine consists of six main parts, namely, bottle management, conveying, aseptic purifying gas air washing, filling, capping, screwing outer cap, etc. It is mainly used to complete the processes of bottle management, bottle conveying, air washing, metering and dispensing, capping, capping, screwing and so on of the eye drops bottles.

Eye drop filling machine is used for small-dose liquid packaging of injection tube gel, gynecological wash, disinfectant wave, eye drops, nasal spray, oral solution, syrup, health care products, all kinds of medical disinfectant water, medicines, pharmaceuticals, and so on. The whole production process of eye drop filling is completed under 100-level laminar flow protection and aseptic isolation operation, and the areas are isolated and protected to ensure the aseptic production of eye drop products. The automatic eye drop filling machine is also suitable for the production of other small capacity plastic bottle products.

Working process of eye drop filling machine

a. Oscillate the plastic bottles into the correct direction and feed them into the conveyor belt of the machine; through the conveyor belt into the inlet of the bottle carousel, and then through the action of the bracket to support the bottles; the result is that all the bottles are open to face up.

b. If the sensor does not detect the bottles, then it will stop the rotation of the carousel.

c. After rotating the carousel, the plastic bottles are eventually fed from the exit of the carousel by the toggle bar into the inlet conveyor belt of the eye drop filling machine for filling operation.

d. Detecting the electric eye if it detects the presence of bottles at the position, then the computer will control the bottle blocking mechanism will be opened, so that a bottle into the work of the main carousel, filling, drop the inner cork, tighten the outer cap.

e. The final filled bottle goes out along the bottle conveyor belt.

Machine parameter of eye drop filling machine

Liquid storage volume1 L
Diameter of the container to be filledФ380mm
Production capacity80 - 120 bottles / min
Motor power0.75KW/2825 r.p.m.

Feature of seasoning packaging machine

a. Automatic eye drops filling machine set bottle management, bottle washing, filling, corking, capping, capping multifunctional - body machine design, covers an area of small, greater reduction in the purification of space, greatly reducing the cost of production purification.

b. The equipment operation process utilizes a large number of machines, electricity, gas - body PLC control system to improve the stability of the equipment operation process ah, greatly improving the product qualification rate. With high efficiency and energy saving frequency converter, the motor to realize the infinitely variable speed regulation, greatly saving electricity.

c. Eye drops automatic filling machine high temperature, wear-resistant, self-lubricating ah excellent, can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the movement process, reduce the replacement of wearing parts.

d. Eye drops automatic filling machine equipment with switching program. Adjusting the height of part of the track can realize the adjustment of specifications, which reduces the time of human adjustment, cleaning and replacement of specifications.

e. Low starting current, small starting torque, high power factor in the whole speed range.

Use of eye drop filling machine

a. Placement of filled bottles. Place the filled liquid bottle upside down on the work basket and check that the lower opening of the liquid bottle should be flush.

b. Place the vacuum basket. Put the vacuum basket in the vacuum irrigation, cover the quick-open canister lid and lock.

c. Adjust the vacuum tank. Close the air release valve, liquid inlet valve, open the vacuum pump, adjust the real air conditioning connecting valve so that the vacuum (depending on the amount of test filling) to meet the process requirements, step on the foot pedal to make the liquid bottle to be filled with liquid inserted in the lower mouth.

d. Filling. Slowly open the liquid inlet valve, the liquid level in the filling rises, and at the same time open the empty valve, so that the liquid level is maintained in the sight glass between the prescribed level.

e. Take the filled bottle. When the vacuum gauge pointer is in the 0 state, proving that the filling liquid to complete, return to the foot collapse plate, you can open the quick-open can cover to remove the filled liquid bottle.

Precaution of eye drop filling machine

a. Eyedrop bottle filling machine should develop a regular maintenance program and daily inspection plan. Ophthalmic solution bottle filling machine routine maintenance and inspection should at least include ophthalmic solution bottle filling machine seals, control components, pneumatic circuits, knowledge of the device to ensure that the ophthalmic solution bottle filling machine is in good working condition.

b. Pressure control in the filling process, which includes two aspects, one is the working pressure of the eyedrop bottle filling machine and its booster pump, and the other is the pressure delivered to the eyedrop bottle filling machine. In general, to ensure the stability of these two pressures, is to ensure the accuracy of the eyedrop bottle filling machine, the premise of the filling process at the same time must be set in the two pressures within the appropriate working range.

c. Make sure that there is no gas that is not easily liquefied in the filling head of the eye drop bottle filling machine. If there is, it must be discharged in order to ensure the filling accuracy of the eye drop bottle. As the liquid is always in circulation, so as long as the liquid circulation can be quantitative chamber and filling head of the gas is not easy to liquefy discharged.

d. Choose the right filling head. Production process with different filling valves, the filling channel may be different and parameters may be different, such as filling head and the sealing part of the valve between the valve, valve stem downward stroke, etc., so different valves must be used with their corresponding filling head to ensure the correct filling of ophthalmic solution bottles, at the same time, filling must also ensure that the filling head and the valve between the correct sealing method, and appropriate adjustment of filling head Height to ensure that there is enough compression force exerted on the seal between the filling head and the valve to ensure that the sealing to prevent leakage in the filling process.

e. Temperature of filling. Filling process, the temperature will affect the filling accuracy, the temperature will affect the density, thus affecting the filling accuracy.

How to order eye drop filling machine?

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