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Flow Meter Filling Machine

Flow meter filling machine for sale

What is flow meter filling machine?

Flow meter filling machine is the more advanced filling technology at present, which is realized by gear pump or plunger pump to extract and hit the material, and use flowmeter and PLC terminal control system to regulate the measurement of the required filling. The filling precision is high, suitable for a variety of materials, and the filling capacity is also wider.

Flowmeter filling machine is suitable for different viscosity of liquids, oils, fluids and other materials, is the first choice for filling large packages of oil, fertilizer equipment.

Working principle of flow meter filling machine

The working principle of the flowmeter filling machine is to realize the extraction and beating of materials by gear pump or plunger pump, and regulate the measurement of the required filling with flowmeter and PLC terminal control system.

Working process of flow meter filling machine

In flowmeter-based systems, an external tank system transports the liquid product to the top of the flow meter filling machine, where it is distributed by manifold. Empty containers are transported to a rotary table, separated, and then placed in a separate filling position underneath a specially customized filling valve. The filling process then begins. The filling rate is specially designed for the specific shape and size of the container as well as the fluid characteristics of the product. Once the predetermined filling volume has been reached, the filling process stops.

Accurate metering of the fluid flow by the flow meter is a critical part of the filling cycle. The fluid characteristics of the product, the presence of slurries or particles, the susceptibility to foaming, and the sensitivity of the liquid composition will greatly influence the selection of the flow meter.

During the filling phase, the mode can be programmed to control the speed of the pattern. In two-stage filling, the mode can be programmed to fill quickly at the beginning and slow down at the end. This mode is suitable for containers with small conical necks. Alternatively, filling slowly at the beginning and then speeding up gradually avoids spilling or foaming, as is the case with foaming beer filling into glass bottles. For containers with handles, the speed is slowed down halfway through the filling process to allow the air stored in the handle to escape. Moreover, thanks to the high accuracy of the flow meter, the last 10% can be filled in a fine stream, which gives better filling accuracy.

Feature of flow meter filling machine

a. Built-in frequency converter. Flow meter filling machine has the function of double-speed filling which is fast first and then slow, so that the material will not be overflowed out of the container because of too fast filling speed.

b. Wide adjustable filling range. Flowmeter filling machine can be adjusted at will between 500ml-20L.

c. The flow meter filler is controlled by PLC microcomputer, which is easy to operate and can be operated by a single person to save labor.

d. The filling port is set with a filling muffler, which effectively eliminates the pulling phenomenon of oil and other materials after the filling is completed.

e. Bottle height can be adjusted according to the need, the adjustment is simple, fast and accurate.

f. Filling nozzle flushing form has umbrella type or straight flushing type, in order to apply to different liquid filling, umbrella type to adapt to easy to foam the liquid.

g. The stepless adjuster can adjust the speed of the stainless-steel conveyor belt to flexibly coordinate the synchronization of multiple processes.

h. Pneumatic capping device has wide applicability, pneumatic capping is designed for different specifications and shapes, and the head can be replaced to adapt to a variety of cap capping.

i. Main pneumatic and electrical components are imported to ensure stable system performance and quality.

j. The equipment comes with a pump to pressurize the liquid to substantially increase the production capacity.

k. With pause and force stop functions for easy emergency handling in any situation.

Advantage of flow meter filling machine

The main core of the flow meter filling machine is the flow meter. The best advantage of the flow meter filling machine is the multi-head and multi-pump technology, suitable for 1-20L viscosity oil filling, and has the advantages of high precision and high efficiency. Generally, it is a pump corresponding to a filling head, and in the middle is the flow meter. The flow meter can set the amount of filling volume, and the filling machine will stop running after reaching the filling volume, which is very simple to operate.

The equipment structure of the flowmeter filling machine is simple, no need to configure buffer cylinder for the equipment; the filling valve is simple in design, the automatic cleaning is concise and thorough; and during the filling process, the filling valve won't contact the bottle mouth, clean and hygienic, no risk.

For the adjustment of the filling volume, it is only necessary to modify the parameters, without the need to replace parts; can also be adjusted through the individual filling station, to achieve a high degree of consistency in the filling volume of each filling station. This filling method is suitable for filling liquids of various viscosities without gas.

The flow meter filler also has the advantages of high filling precision, fast speed, convenient volume adjustment, large filling range (common edible oil specifications can be covered by almost all), low noise pollution, single-control, more convenient (each filling head can be controlled individually), good expandability (can be increased later filling head number), low failure rate, and so on.

Disadvantage of flow meter filling machine

Due to the limitation of flow meter performance, flow meter filling machine cannot handle materials without conductivity or containing gas. Because non-conductive liquids cannot be measured by the flow meter, such as cooking oil, etc.; and materials containing gas will lead to measurement deviation, so it is also difficult to use the flow meter filling machine for filling.

Technical parameter of flow meter filling machine

Number of filling heads24681012
Filling capacity100-10000ml (Customizable)
Production capacity (bottles/hour)350-500750-9001000-13001350-15001600-18001850-2300
Filling precision≤0.2%
Power source50HZ/60HZ 3N-380V soil 10%
Power consumption0.75KW-7.5KW
Matching air pressure0.5-0.8MPa
Working pressure0.6-0.7MPa

Application of flow meter filling machine

Flow meter filling machine is suitable for food (edible oil, blended oil, soybean oil, fruit juice, etc.), daily chemicals (detergent, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, etc.), lubricants (motor oil, glass water, antifreeze, etc.), condiments (soy sauce, vinegar, Aji Fresh, etc.), alcoholic beverages (mineral water, white wine, red wine, etc.) and other industries.

Use of flow meter filling machine

a. Regularly check all aspects of the flow meter filling machine, replace the broken wearing parts, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

b. After the work is completed, the flowmeter filling machine needs to be cleaned. As far as possible to make the filling machine without residual materials, can effectively extend the service life of the filling machine.

c. Pay attention to the lubrication measures of pneumatic components, regularly add lubricant to the inside of the oil table.

How to order flow meter filling machine?

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