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Hot Melt Laminating Machine

Hot melt laminating machine for sale

What is hot melt laminating machine?

Hot melt laminating machine is a processing machine that heat radiates the plastic, sheet, cloth, etc. for hot melt laminating treatment, and combines two or more different materials and applies certain pressure to make them compound into one.

Working principle of hot melt laminating machine

a. Hot melt laminators turn adhesive into a high viscosity molten adhesive by heating and melting the adhesive material. Hot melt adhesive can be in the form of solid granules, film or block material. Common hot melt adhesives are hot melt adhesive sheets, hot melt adhesive granules and hot melt adhesive sticks. By means of a heating device, the hot melt adhesive is heated to a specific temperature so that it melts into a liquid state.

b. The coating process of the molten adhesive. The hot melt adhesive laminator evenly coats the molten adhesive on top of the substrate by means of the equipped coating mechanism. The coating mechanism generally includes rubber rollers, pressure rollers and other components. The molten glue, under the action of the coating mechanism, evenly covers the surface of the substrate, forming a layer of adhesive film.

c. Laminating process. After the molten adhesive is coated on the substrate, another substrate needs to be covered on it to form a composite structure. The choice of composite material is based on the desired properties and the application environment. Common composites include paper adhesive laminating, fabric adhesive laminating and film laminating. Hot melt laminating machine eats two substrates together by means of a heating device and a pressure device, and laminates them together by a certain pressure. During the composite process, the hot melt adhesive penetrates into the fiber structure of the substrate under the action of the hot melt adhesive laminating machine and forms a strong bond with it.

d. Cooling process. After the composite is completed, the hot melt adhesive will be cooled and cured very quickly, making the composite material with high strength and stability. The cooling process can be assisted by the cooling device on the hot melt adhesive composite machine, such as air-cooled, water-cooled and so on. The cooled composite material can be processed into the required shape and size by cutting, trimming and other processes.

Advantage of hot melt laminating machine

Hot melt laminating machine can realize fast and continuous laminating process and greatly improve the production efficiency. Compared with traditional manual laminating, the use of hot melt adhesive laminating machine can reduce material loss and labor costs.

a. High precision. Hot melt adhesive laminating machine adopts advanced control system, which can control parameters such as temperature, pressure and speed to ensure the stability and consistency of the laminating process. It can realize high-precision composite effect and improve product quality.

b. Wide applicability. Hot melt adhesive lamination machine is applicable to the compounding of various materials, including different types of plastics, paper, fabrics, etc., with strong versatility. The use of hot melt adhesive laminating machine can realize the composite of different materials and improve the functionality and diversity of products.

c. Good adhesion. The hot melt glue laminating machine melts the hot melt adhesive through high temperature, so that it adheres to the surface of the composite material being laminated, forming a strong adhesive joint with good adhesion. The composite product has strong tensile strength and shear strength, with good usability.

d. Highly automated. The hot melt laminator adopts automation control system, which can realize fully automatic operation process, reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency and product quality.

Disadvantage of hot melt laminating machine

a. High cost of equipment. Hot melt adhesive laminating machine belongs to the more complex and high-end equipment, the price is relatively high, for some small businesses, the purchase and maintenance costs are high.

b. Higher energy consumption. Hot melt laminating machine needs to be heated to melt the glue, so the power consumption is larger, which will increase the enterprise's energy expenses.

c. Large equipment footprint. Hot melt glue laminating machine is usually larger, need a larger site for installation and use, for the limited space of the enterprise there may be some trouble.

How to choose hot melt laminating machine?

Equipment selectionSelect the appropriate hot melt adhesive laminating machine according to the production requirements of the enterprise and the type of material. Need to consider the size of the product, composite speed and other factors to ensure that the equipment can meet the production requirements.
Temperature controlThe composite effect of hot melt adhesive is closely related to the temperature, according to the characteristics of the material and the requirements of the glue, set the appropriate temperature. Too high or too low temperature will affect the composite effect and product quality.
Glue selectionSelection of suitable glue for the composite effect is very critical. According to the characteristics of the material, composite requirements and other factors to choose the right glue, and pay attention to the quality of the glue and supply stability.
Control parametersHot melt adhesive laminating machine control parameters such as pressure, speed, etc. will have an impact on the composite effect, should be adjusted according to the actual needs to ensure the stability and consistency of the composite process.
Regular maintenanceRegular cleaning and maintenance of hot melt adhesive laminating machine to maintain the normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, the wear parts are replaced in a timely manner to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the failure rate.

Use of hot melt laminating machine

a. Do not operate the hot melt laminating machine in an environment where the temperature is lower than 5℃ or higher than 50℃.

b. Try to use the machine without fast flowing air. Because when the hot melt nozzle combination is exposed to fast flowing air, the rapid cooling will affect the flow of hot melt adhesive in the nozzle combination, which will easily lead to the phenomenon of wire drawing.

c. Hot melt adhesive machine to supplement the hot melt adhesive, should be at least a quarter of the hot melt adhesive pot before adding, due to the slower use of shoes with glue to add glue to one-third of the best, to avoid the hot melt adhesive pot without hot melt adhesive and then add glue, affecting the normal production.

d. Supplementary glue volume shall not exceed forty percent of the total volume of the hot melt glue pot, so as not to long time glue stagnation in the glue tank caused by carbonization and clogging of the nozzle.

e. In the operation of the hot melt adhesive machine, do not put other debris on the body or as a height of the apparatus used.

f. In the maintenance and repair of hot melt adhesive machine before the work, must be the hot melt adhesive machinery on the power supply and connection to the outside world to cut off the total power supply, do not operate with electricity.

g. In the dismantling of maintenance and repair work, workers should not wear earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and other decorations that can conduct electricity to prevent accidents.

h. Unless there are other people in the side to assist, and in the event of an accident, due to mechanical damage or injury to personnel, can immediately give help or first aid, otherwise do not be alone on the hot melt adhesive machine equipment disassembly and maintenance in any case, do not touch may be exposed to the outside world of the wire connector or other wires connected and not loosened the components.

i. Disconnect the power supply before removing or moving protective devices or replacing components on the hot melt adhesive dispenser.

j. If possible, perform maintenance and repair work on the hot melt adhesive dispenser while standing on a plastic blanket. Never perform maintenance work on the hot melt adhesive dispenser on a flooded floor or in a very humid environment.

k. Wear gloves, goggles and long-sleeved overalls when performing maintenance and repairs on the hot melt adhesive dispenser to avoid burns to parts of the body from the hot liquid hot melt adhesive or burns to the surface of the hot components.

l. When loosening or installing pressure fittings, make sure that the pressure of the air supply to the hot melt dispenser has been reduced to zero.

m. Avoid using flaming or sharp hard tools when cleaning the hot melt adhesive cylinder to avoid scratching the Teflon non-stick coating on the inside of the drum.

n. If air pressure or hot melt adhesive machine leakage, do not continue to operate the hot melt adhesive machine, first of all stop the hot melt adhesive machine work, cut off the power supply, and will operate the pressure down to zero value and then carry out maintenance.

o. Do not disassemble, check and adjust any parts of the hot melt adhesive machine unless you know the performance of the equipment well.

How to order hot melt laminating machine?

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