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What is meat packaging machine?

Meat packaging machine, usually also known as a meat vacuum packaging machine, is suitable for vacuum or vacuum inflatable packaging of meat, sauce products, condiments, dried fruit, grain, soy products, chemical products, medicinal herbs, etc., granules, powder, liquid, and other items. Packing with this machine can effectively prevent the products from oxidation, mold, moth, corruption, and moisture to extend the product storage period.

Working principle of meat packaging machine

The basic principle of a meat packing machine is to isolate the cooled meat from the outside air and fill it with an oxygen and carbon dioxide gas mixture to make the meat color bright and beautiful and at the same time to the inhibition of bacterial growth. When a certain amount of oxygen is maintained in the box, myoglobin is converted to oxygenate, and the muscle takes on the bright red color of fresh meat. The role of oxygen is to make the color of the meat bright red, which is preferred by consumers. The color of the meat has an important psychological effect on the consumer. Closed containers are filled with 80% oxygen so that the meat retains its bright color but does not become discolored with too much oxygen. 20% carbon dioxide inhibits the small amount of bacteria remaining at the time of slaughter and prolongs the shelf life.

Feature of meat packaging machine

a. The shell of the meat packaging machine is made of stainless steel, the top cover can be moved left and right when working, doubling the production capacity.

b. Electrical box waterproof design, PLC programming touch computer board, using reliable brand electrical appliances.

c. Meat packing tape machine is equipped with sealing pre-pressure, the mouth of the bag is flattened before heating and sealing. Easy to replace the water-cooled heating bar and the heating bar are simple to replace.

d. The machine has an infrared anti-pinch function, safer operation for workers, gear sealing positioner, sealing is not biased, not shifting, wear-resistant, and long life and other characteristics.

Function of meat packaging machine

The main role of vacuum packing machine for meat is to remove oxygen and various gases in the air, in order to help prevent food spoilage. Its principle is also relatively simple. Because food mold deterioration is mainly caused by microbial activities, and most of the microorganisms (such as molds and yeast) survive in the need for oxygen, and vacuum packaging uses this principle, the bag and the food cells within the oxygen pumped--off so that the micro-objects to lose the "survival of the environment".

Experimental evidence: when the oxygen concentration in the bag is ≤ 1%, the growth, and reproduction of micro-organisms on a sharp decline in the rate of oxygen concentration ≤ 0.5%, and most of the micro-organisms will be inhibited and stop reproducing. (Note: Vacuum packaging cannot inhibit the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and enzyme reaction caused by food deterioration and discoloration, so also needs to be combined with other auxiliary methods).

Technical characteristics of meat packaging machine

Technical characteristicsDescription
Control systemComputer control panel and a variety of control methods for customers to choose.
Vacuum pumpA strict quality inspection system ensures the safe and stable operation of the heart of the vacuum machine.
Vacuum lid hingeThe special hinge device of the vacuum cover saves energy, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers in daily work and makes it easier to cope with it.
Shock-absorbing systemThe unique shock-absorbing design of the vacuum pump motor makes the machine always keep low noise in work.
Main MaterialThe main structure of the vacuum machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which ensures a beautiful appearance and anti-corrosion when used in a strong corrosive environment.
V-shaped sealing stripThe V-shaped vacuum chamber sealing strip made of high-density material ensures the sealing of the machine in daily work, and the pressure and abrasion resistance of the material prolongs the service life of the sealing strip, reduces the number of replacements, and cuts down the production cost.
Plexiglass vacuum coverHigh-quality plexiglass vacuum cover, strong and transparent, can make the packing process and condition of the packages inside the vacuum chamber visible.

Type of meat packaging machine

There are many types of meat processing and packaging equipment, including double-chamber vacuum packaging machines, rolling vacuum packaging machines, single-chamber vacuum packaging machines, paste-the-body vacuum packaging machines, continuous vacuum packaging machines, and so on.

Meat vacuum packaging machine

Meat vacuum packaging machine is a new type of modern packaging machinery. Its host and microcomputer control the main components for the imported components; the studio adopts stainless steel thick plate reinforced structure, which can be easy to remove but also strong and durable, and can prevent corrosion and rust caused by packaging of acid, alkali, salt and other items; conveyor belts using imported special materials, high strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, lightweight; the whole aluminum alloy combination of motors, the use of high-speed needs to be installed locator; the heating element is all installed The heating elements are all installed in the upper studio, which can avoid the short circuit and other faults caused by the influence of packaged goods (especially liquids); and designed cold water protection system, the service life of the heating strip is higher than that of similar products.

This type of meat packaging equipment has a positioning studio that lifts vertically and repeats the work in one station, which is reliable and precise. The angle of the working table is adjustable, easy to operate with high efficiency and very suitable for vacuum (inflatable) packaging of food with soup. Stainless steel chain, large caliber air circuit, non-contact control, work counting, walking belt cleaning, etc., make the equipment with good performance.

Meat plastic wrap machine is one of the automatic vacuum packaging machines. This vacuum packaging machine is mainly the use of double throttle design, it is mainly the use of stretch film will be the product of vacuum packaging molding. Stretch film vacuum packaging machine is more widely used, suitable for different types of product packaging, mainly using rolls of stretch film for packaging, using the packaging form the side sealing bags, four side sealing bags, double bags, stand-up pouches, type of box, roof-shaped box, etc., sealing type is to set up a tear or tear line of the upper end of the flat seal, plus a combination of embedded box seals, placed in different parts of the spiral cover seal and so on; the other two types of machines appear to be Monotonous. The packaging is completed using the transmission form, this vacuum packaging machine uses diverse, powerful electromechanical integration of vacuum packaging machine equipment, but we then after a long time after the use in different situations will certainly appear failure problems.

Meat tray wrapping machine excludes part of the air (oxygen) in the packaging container, which can effectively prevent the food from deteriorating. The use of barrier (airtight) excellent packaging materials and strict sealing technology and requirements, can effectively prevent the contents of the packaging material exchange, can avoid food weight loss, and loss of taste, but also to prevent secondary pollution. It is a custom-made equipment, that can be tailored according to the size of the object, and can increase the vacuum chamber or make it into a concave type, which is specially used for vacuum packaging of powder, liquid, or large packaged objects.

Application of meat vacuum packaging machine

Meat vacuum packaging machine is suitable for plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil bags, anti-static bags, and other flexible packaging materials. Vacuum packaging for solid, liquid, powder, and paste electronic products, circuit boards, patch material trays, toys, tea, food, fruit, chemical products, electronic components, instruments, and meters. The packaged products can prevent oxidation, mold, moisture, vibration, quality, and freshness to extend the product storage period.

Feature of meat vacuum packaging machine

a. Meat vacuum packaging machine can be customized with 4 seals according to the size of the products to be sealed. It can pack smaller products, increase production capacity, and is suitable for heating and sealing composite films such as aluminum foil and plastic film.

b. Double chambers are two studios, two studios work alternately, increase production capacity. A vacuum cover works alternately with each other on two vacuum chambers to increase the working efficiency, when one vacuum chamber is vacuuming, the other vacuum chamber can place the packaged goods.

c. The vacuum pump achieves the effect of vacuuming by first filling the bag with gas and then pumping out the gas all at once to produce negative pressure and deflating to produce positive air pressure, the left and right chambers work alternately and the cycle repeats itself.

How to order meat packaging machine?

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