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What is OCA machine?
Working principle of OCA machine
    What is OCA?
        Advantages of OCA optical adhesive
    What is OCA full-lamination technology?
    Optical clear adhesive performance
    Storage conditions
Technical parameter of OCA machine
Feature of OCA machine
Use of OCA machine
Precautions for oca vacuum laminator screen pressing process
How to order OCA machine?

What is OCA machine?

OCA machine, also known as vacuum laminating machine or OCA laminating machine, is a PLC or microcontroller-controlled industrial automation products for cell phone screen lamination with one of the equipment.

Working principle of OCA machine

The principle of lamination refers to the cell phone LCD screen and glass cover in a vacuum box in a bad environment, the use of machine cylinder pressure will be in the vacuum cylinder mold down, will be placed in the vacuum cylinder under the mold of the glass cover and LCD screen completely pressed together, so as to complete the cell phone screen repair in the key process, that is, OCA laminating process.

What is OCA?

OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) is a kind of pressure-sensitive adhesive, a layer of optically clear special double-sided adhesive without substrate.

This material has colorless and transparent, light transmission rate of more than 90%, good bonding strength, can be fixed at room temperature or medium temperature, and curing shrinkage and other characteristics.
OCA optical adhesives are one of the most important touch screen raw materials for screen applications. It is a double-sided adhesive tape without substrate material, which is made of optical acrylic adhesive without substrate material, and then in the upper and lower bottom layers, and then each of them is laminated with a layer of release film.

Its advantages are clarity, high light transmittance (full light penetration rate > 99%), high adhesion, high weather resistance, water resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, controlled thickness, provide uniform spacing, long-time use will not produce yellowing, peeling and deterioration of the problem.

OCA Optical Adhesives are categorized into resistive and capacitive types. Resistive optical adhesive according to the thickness of different can be divided into 50um and 25um, capacitive optical adhesive is divided into 100um, 175um, 200um, 250um.

Depending on the thickness, OCA optical adhesive can be used in different fields. They are mainly used in e-paper, aerospace or military optics assembly, display assembly, lens assembly, resistive touch screen, G+F+F, F+F, capacitive touch screen, bonding of transparent devices, projection screen assembly, panels, ICONs and glass, as well as special adhesives for bonding transparent optical components (e.g., Lens, etc.) made of polycarbonate and other plastic materials.

Advantages of OCA optical adhesive

a. OCA Optical Adhesive reduces glare, reduces light loss from the LCD, increases the brightness of the LCD, provides high light transmission, and reduces energy consumption.

b. Increase contrast, especially under strong light exposure.

c. Surface connection has higher strength.

d. Avoid Newton's ring.

e. Borderless, expanded viewing area.

What is OCA full-lamination technology?

Full lamination technology is the current mainstream development trend of panel lamination for high-end smartphones and tablet PCs.

The panel and the touch screen will be completely pasted together in a seamless way, which can provide a better image display effect of screen reflection. Eliminate screen dust, water vapor screen isolation of dust and water vapor, the air layer of the ordinary lamination method is susceptible to environmental dust and water vapor contamination, affecting the use of the machine, while the full lamination OCA optical adhesive fills the gap, the display panel and the touch screen tightly fit, dust and water vapor nowhere to enter, to maintain the cleanliness of the screen.

Optical clear adhesive performance

a. High bond and peel strength for bonding many transparent film substrates to glass, resistant to high temperatures, high humidity and UV light. Cures at room or medium temperature with low cure shrinkage.

b. Controlled thickness to provide uniform spacing.

c. Good durability, no yellowing, no delamination or degradation.

d. Transmittance>92-99%.

e. Refractive index 1.48.

f. Haze 0.1%, low acidity.

g. Bonds smooth or textured surfaces with strong adhesive power.

Storage conditions

EnvironmentIt is best to store directly in a clean room, with each roll of material wrapped in film.
Temperature22℃ (±4)
PlacementPlace it vertically or hang it to avoid bad indentation caused by heavy pressure on OCA.

Technical parameter of OCA machine

Working environment10~60℃, 40%~95%
Temperature control30-40℃ (temperature difference +5-10℃)
Operating air pressure0.4 --- 0.7Mpa
Crimping time1~99s
Weight of the body(About) 140kg
Appearance size(About) 1400mm(L)×850mm(W)×1680mm(H)
Pressure rangeMin 20 to Max 50㎏f
Main power supply specificationAC 220V, 50Hz, 2.2kw

Feature of OCA machine

a. Color touch screen LCD display input, multi-language menu. All parameters are easy to set, concise and intuitive.

b. Adopting PLC control system to ensure the system work stable and reliable, easy to operate.

c. Platform adopts servo motor control, smooth working, no vibration, high laminating precision.

d. Anti-static roller prevents the pollution caused by static electricity suction, ensures the laminating is smooth, no bubbles, no wrinkles.

Use of OCA machine

a. Vacuum pump installations. In the first step, you need to connect the vacuum pump pipe to ensure that the vacuum pump pipe is linked with the laminating machine. And power is also controlled by the full laminator to use, if not this posture, the full laminator cannot be used, the above have the corresponding interface corresponding to connect.

b. Air compressor device. Full laminating machine air compressor interface is an 8-point pipe, we put the interface are installed, remember to pump the gas full of gas, and the valve and power are open to ensure that there is no gas when the normal pumping.

c. Vacuum gauge adjustment. The operator needs to adjust the vacuum gauge to about 95 of the negative pressure; the plateau area needs to be adjusted according to the practical vacuum value of the vacuum pump. Adjustment method is to press the up arrow or down arrow can be adjusted.

d. Temperature control meter adjustment. Temperature control primary control at 50 degrees Celsius can be adjusted by pressing the first function key, then press the second selection key, then press the up and down keys to adjust to the appropriate temperature, and then press the first function key to confirm.

e. Adjust the parameters of the screen. After powering on the computer, we confirm the time parameters, and then we talk about the manual form of the screen, adjusted to the active form on it.

f. Pressure adjustment. The screen currently accepts between 3 and 5 pressures.

g. Start OCA automatic in-line laminating machine. After confirming that all the parameters have been adjusted, you can press the two green start buttons to press and close normally.

Precautions for oca vacuum laminator screen pressing process

Paste OCA glue neatly

In the whole process of pressing the screen with the OCA vacuum laminator, the OCA adhesive should be neatly applied, the posture should be smooth, and the dust should be neatly removed.

Pay attention to the vacuum anti-fouling

When OCA machine press screen, pay attention to dustproof. Therefore, the natural environment level work to get it right, otherwise, do not pay attention to the dust may lose the effort to cause the catering after the appearance of vapor bubbles and other safety hazards.

Pay attention to the sealing when pressing the screen

Put on the back cover plate after dry million cannot be pressed by hand, in order to prevent into the gas and the back side of the case cannot be removed. In addition, when put into the OCA laminating machine should be put into the bit, put into the sealing ring, certainly cannot exceed the sealing ring.

Pay attention to the symmetrical placement

When the application of the total area to meet the larger screen press, if the LCD screen to meet the smaller, then as far as possible to place the effective part of the trailing plate, a word as far as possible to the center, a number of words as far as possible to symmetry of the placement, in that case both to ensure that meet the actual effect, but also ensure that it is not pressed through the screen, do not press a case will be put on the independent side of the screen, or else very easy to say! Do not put the screen on the independent side in the case of pressing one, otherwise it will be very easy to break the screen and the actual effect will be worse.

Pay attention to the time of pressing the screen

In the whole process of actual operation, when put on OCA to put on the back cover, as far as possible will press the main parameters of the screen machine adjusted, in a state of operation, easy to put the back cover into the first time after the screen will be put into the screen press machine to carry out the catering, will do the best is the actual effect, otherwise when on the back cover after adjusting the Power Precision OCA Vacuum Laminating Machine or will be put on the screen for a period of time and then carry out the catering. If you do, it is very easy to cause the vapor bubble on the liquid crystal display screen to rise, or to do the harm that is difficult to remove.

How to order OCA machine?

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