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Biscuit packaging machine for sale

What is biscuit packing machine?

Biscuit packaging machine, is a food packaging exclusive category in packaging machines. The performance of the biscuit packaging machine is divided into semi-automatic biscuit packaging machines and automatic biscuit packaging machines, and the packaging form is divided into ordinary biscuit packaging machines and automatic trayless box packaging machines.

Structure of biscuit packing machine

Automatic biscuit packing machine is a kind of food packaging equipment with a high degree of automation, which is mainly composed of a feeding system, packing system, weighing system, conveying system, and other parts. The feeding system is responsible for conveying the biscuits to the packing position in an orderly manner, the packing system packs the biscuits into plastic bags, the weighing system is responsible for weighing the packaged biscuits, and the conveying system conveys the packaged biscuits to the designated position.

Working principle of biscuit packing machine

The working principle of the biscuit wrapping machine is mainly realized by mechanical transmission and electrical control. The feeding system conveys the biscuits to the packing position, the packing system packs the biscuits into plastic bags, the weighing system weighs the packed biscuits, and if the weight meets the requirement, the conveying system conveys the packed biscuits to the specified position. The whole process is completed automatically with high production efficiency.

Feature of biscuit packing machine

Biscuit packaging machine adopts the original imported multi-servo motor control, compared with other domestic and foreign similar frequency conversion motor or frequency converter control products, packaging accuracy, adjustable range is wider, more accurate control, lower scrap rate, and better stability. Due to the world's leading fully open box structure, the transmission structure at a glance, maintenance is more convenient; in the use of box materials, due to the use of a 12mm thick steel plate, the weight of the whole machine reaches 1,200kg to 2,000kg, to ensure the stability of the machine in high-speed operation; due to the special nature of the biscuits, biscuit packaging machine can be added with a suction device or insertion of the corner of the device, to ensure that the biscuits packaging Because of the special product nature of biscuit, the biscuit packaging machine can be equipped with suction device or corner insertion device to ensure the beauty and compactness of biscuit packaging.

In addition to the above, the multi-pack biscuit packing machine has the following features.

a. The machine consists of a weighing head and a main machine.

b. Biscuit packing machine is designed with an advanced design concept and simple operation.

c. Small biscuit packing machine adopts intelligent control system with low failure rate.

d. Bakery biscuit packing machine uses a frequency conversion speed controller, the knife seal opens automatically when the machine stops, saving material.

e. Bag making, filling, measuring, sealing, printing, and finished product conveying at one time.

f. Temperature-independent PID control, more suitable for various coatings.

g. Positioning and stopping function, no sticking knife, no film.

h. Rotary system is simple, reliable, and easy to maintain.

i. All controls are realized by software, easy for function adjustment and technology upgrading, and never lagging behind.

j. The machine body is lengthened to increase the pressing brush, which makes the packaged objects smoother.

Advantage of biscuit packing machine

Biscuit sealing machine has the following advantages.

a. High degree of automation, can reduce manual operation and improve production efficiency.

b. Stable packing quality can guarantee the packing quality of each batch of biscuits.

c. Biscuit pouch packing machine is equipped with an intelligent weighing system, which can effectively control the weight of biscuit packing.

d. Biscuit box packing machine has a flexible conveyor system that can be adapted to different packaging needs and production environments.

Function of biscuit packing machine

a. Biscuit packaging machine can greatly improve labor productivity, and tabletop blister sealing machine equipment packaging is much faster than manual packaging.

b. Packaging quality can be guaranteed. Mechanical packaging can be used to obtain packaging with consistent specifications according to the requirements of the packaged items, in the desired shape and size. The manual packaging can not be guaranteed, which is particularly important for export commodities.

c. Biscuit wrapping machines can realize some packing operations that cannot be realized by manual packing, such as vacuum packing, inflatable packing, sticking packing, isobaric filling, and so on.

d. Biscuit packaging machines can reduce labor intensity and change labor conditions. The labor intensity of manual packaging is very high, such as hand-packed and large and heavy products.

e. Automatic biscuit packing machines can reduce packaging costs and save storage and transport costs. For loose products, such as cotton, tobacco, silk, hemp, etc., the use of a compressed food packaging machine compressed packaging.

f. Beneficial to the labor protection of workers. The use of biscuit sealing machines can protect workers from some products that seriously affect their health, such as severe dust, toxic products, irritating and radioactive products.

Use of biscuit packing machine

Safe operation of biscuit packaging machine

a. Check before use. Before using the biscuit packaging machine, should first carry out a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the equipment is running normally, all parts are in good condition, no loose, broken, deformation and so on, and to carry out full quasi each and debugging.

b. Correctly connect the power supply. If it is necessary to plug in the power supply, the operator should first confirm that the power supply is correctly labelled and that the voltage meets the requirements of the equipment before switching on the power supply. When cutting off the power supply, the power supply of the equipment should be cut off first, and then pull out the power plug.

c. Determine the safety hazards. Before operating the equipment, the operator should check whether the surrounding environment is safe and exclude all debris and dangerous factors. If there is scaffolding, steel pipe and other travelling, there should be a person in charge.

d. Running the equipment. Care should be taken to clean the machine before starting. The operator should clean up the debris around the machine to avoid danger. Equipment operation should first look at the operation of the equipment, to avoid the power supply, equipment processing results and other aspects to produce dangerous situations, especially for automatic packaging machines and long-term operation of the packaging machine, the operator must pay double attention.

e. Shut down and out of the machine operation. Before the equipment stops working, the operator should stack the processed products, clean the machine and cut off the power supply. When you take out the workpiece from the machine, you should pay attention to whether the workpiece has been completely out of the cleaning plate, so as not to touch the wrist jaws and cutting-edge position.

Precaution of biscuit packing machine

During the processing of the biscuit packing machine, special attention needs to be paid to the following matters.

a. Do not leave the machine for a long time.

b. Do not leave the machine for long periods of time. Do not put your hand inside the machine or disassemble the equipment boards to avoid injuries such as hand crushing and cutting.

c. Do not touch electrically charged parts on the outside of the machine or inside the machine.

d. Avoid cutting, crushing and straining the power cord and other connecting wires, which may cause fire, electric shock, leakage and other accidents.

e. When the equipment is abnormal. When the equipment appears abnormal, need to cut off the power supply in time, and notify the professional and technical personnel for overhaul and maintenance.

Maintenance of biscuit packing machine

a. Operator responsibility. The maintenance of the biscuit wrapping machine should be the responsibility of the personnel. The operator should always check the operation of the machine in the process of using the equipment to ensure the healthy operation of the equipment.

b. Maintenance cycle. Biscuit packaging machine maintenance cycle according to the production of running time, visual inspection, failure and other circumstances, but at least every sixteen hours should be carried out a check, twenty-four hours should be carried out a major maintenance.

c. Maintenance content.
a) Cleaning, including the electrical box, vibrator, conveyor, baffle, compressed gas system and other components.
b) Lubrication. Routine maintenance requires lubrication of each lubrication point in the equipment one by one. Timely removal of residual in the vibrator, conveyor, head, blocker, AC torque motor and other parts of the grease to avoid contamination and produce a sticky film is necessary.
c) Tightening. Check whether the winter parts of the equipment are loose to ensure stable operation of the equipment.
d) Transmission. Check whether the transmission part is normal and clean, and whether the transmission chain structure is loose, etc.
e) Integrity and use of components such as machine shrouds, heads, blockers, buffer strips, etc.
f) Check the output and input signals of motors and motors.

How to order biscuit packing machine?

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