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What is carton wrapping machine?

Carton wrapping machine is a kind of automatic packaging equipment, that can automatically fold cardboard, and sticky tables into cartons, to achieve fast and efficient packaging operations.

Working principle of carton wrapping machine

The principle of wrapping machine for boxes mainly includes the following aspects.

Cardboard feeding system

Cardboard feeding system of the carton packaging machine is mainly composed of a cardboard conveyor belt, cardboard suction cup, and cardboard positioning device. The cardboard conveyor belt transports the cardboard from the cardboard pile to the cardboard suction cup, the cardboard suction cup adsorbs the cardboard and sends it to the cardboard positioning device to ensure that the position of the cardboard is accurate.

Cardboard folding system

The cardboard folding system of the cardboard wrapping machine is mainly composed of a folding board, folding arm, and folding child After the cardboard is positioned, the folding board and folding arm will fold the cardboard by the preset folding method, and the folding knife will cut out the excess cardboard, to make the cardboard form a complete box.

Gluing system

The carton packaging machine gluing system mainly consists of a glue box, glue brush, and Li compression device: glue box in the glue after spraying, glue brush will be evenly coated in the cardboard bonding parts, compression device will be pressed together with the cardboard, so that it is firmly bonded together.

Control system

The control system of the carton packing machine is mainly composed of a PLC controller, touch and sensor PLC controller is responsible for controlling the operation of the whole packing machine, touch screen provides the operation interface sensor that detects the position and state of the cardboard to ensure the normal operation of the packing machine.

Other Functions

Automatic box wrapping machines can also perform other operations according to process requirements, such as printing production information, labeling, etc. These additional functions are set and adjusted by the control system on the baler.


The principle of the carton stretch wrapping machine is through the cardboard feeding, cardboard folding, gluing, and control system synergy, to achieve automated carton packaging operations, and improve production efficiency and packaging quality.

Technical parameter of carton wrapping machine

Applicable carton(L) 135-700 (W) 80-450 (H) 90-450mm
Table height650mm
Carton sealing speed750cases/hour
Machine size(L) 1170 (W) 880 (H) 1150mm (excluding front and rear rollers)
Using power supply110/220V, 50/60Hz
Using air source5-6kg/cm
Using tape48mm
Machine weight160kgs

Feature of carton wrapping machine

a. Carton wrapping machine adopts automatic bottle separating technology, online continuous operation; PLC control of the whole machine, fully automatic operation.

b. Carton shrink wrapping machine with frequency-controlled main drive and container-grouped brushless servo motor.

c. Carton box wrapping machine is equipped with a standard chain and internationally renowned hot solvent device; automatic lubrication of chain and permanent lubrication of bearings.

d. Carton box stretch wrapping machine applies glue uniformly according to the running speed; the length of glue application is adjusted electronically.

e. Carton sleeving machine features easy touch operation and multiple safety features.

f. The shrink-wrapping machine for cartons has a slim body design and large sliding doors for easy access.

g. The wrapping machine for boxes is adapted to various bottle types and is easy to adjust.

h. Carton shrink wrapping machine adopts imported famous brand components for motor, cylinder, and electric control, and uses standard components to reduce the storage of spare parts.

i. The whole machine is beautiful and generous.

Advantage of carton wrapping machine

a. The modular construction of the carton wrapping machine offers a high degree of flexibility.

b. The linear arrangement of the machine makes packaging particularly accurate.

c. Carton shrink wrapping machine uses an internationally renowned servo control system.

d. Control cabinet pre-wired for quick machine start-up.

e. Short format change times.

f. The automatic box wrapping machine is extremely low maintenance.

Function of carton wrapping machine

a. High speed. The speed of a fully automatic carton packing machine is much faster than the traditional manual packing speed, which can complete the packing of a large number of products in a short time.

b. High precision. The mechanical structure of the carton wrapping machine is precise, which can ensure that the size and shape of each carton are the same, and improve the quality and aesthetics of the packaging.

c. Multifunctional. Automatic carton packaging machine can process different sizes and shapes of cartons, applicable to the packaging of a variety of products.

d. Automation. Automatic carton packaging machines can automatically complete the product packaging process, reducing manual operation, reducing labor intensity, and improving production efficiency.

e. Environmental protection. Automatic carton packaging machine uses paper as packaging material, which can be recycled and reused, in line with environmental requirements.

Application of carton wrapping machine

With the continuous development of mechanization technology, automatic carton packaging machines from scratch, from the beginning of simple manual sealing to the current fully closed automated mechanical sealing, all reflecting the rapid development of mechanical intelligence. With the continuous progress of society, automatic carton packaging machine has brought a huge impetus to production. Full-automatic carton wrapping machine is of good quality and suitable for corner sealing of multiple specification cartons at the same time. carton wrapping machine has been widely used in various industries at home and abroad, such as food, medicine, toys, tobacco, daily chemicals, electronics, etc., since its successful research and development.

Automatic box wrapping machine automatically adjusts the carton specifications, while automatically sealing the carton up and down the four corners, smoothing, fast, smooth; the machine adopts PLC control, simple operation, easy maintenance, and more stable performance. Fully automatic carton packaging machine parts performance precision and durable, tight structural design, no vibration during operation, stable and reliable operation; equipped with blade guards to avoid accidental stabbing during operation, automatic packaging machine production is safer, more efficient packaging. Full-automatic carton packing machine, fast speed, greatly saves manpower, can be combined with multi-machine carton packing machine to complete the I-beam sealing, and can also be used to support the automated packaging line.

Use of carton wrapping machine


Before formally operating the carton wrapping machine, you need to carry out some preparatory work, such as checking whether the equipment is in normal working condition, confirming whether the required packaging materials (such as cartons, tapes, etc.) are sufficient, and cleaning up the work area to ensure that the operating environment is neat and clean.

Adjustment of equipment parameters

According to the size of the carton to be packaged and packaging requirements, you need to adjust the parameters of the carton packaging machine to ensure that the packaging can be carried out correctly and efficiently. Parameter adjustment may involve adjusting the carton size, tape tension, packaging speed, and so on. The adjustment process needs to be operated carefully to avoid mis-operation or equipment damage.

Carton Filling

Place the items to be packed in the carton as required and ensure that the items are secure and compactly packed. If required, cushioning material or padding can be used to fill the voids inside the carton to prevent the items from being damaged during transport.

Start packing

Push the prepared carton into the feeding port of the carton packing machine to make it enter the packing process. The carton packaging machine will automatically open the carton lid, seal the bottom sealing, seal the box on the tape, and other operations to complete the automated packaging of cartons. In the process, the operator needs to keep an eye on the operation of the equipment and ensure the smooth operation of the packaging machine.

Inspection of packaging quality

In the carton packaging machine to complete the packaging, the a need for packaging quality inspection. Inspection content may include the carton of the whole rest of the solidity, tape adhesion, etc. If the quality of the packaging does not suit the situation, you need to adjust the parameters of the equipment or take other measures to correct, it to ensure that the quality of the packaging meets the requirements.

Cleaning work

After the operation of the carton packaging machine, the a need to clean up the equipment. Cleanup work mainly includes cleaning carton residue, compressed air blowing equipment surface, cleaning up the tape cutter, and so on. Regular cleaning equipment, can ensure the normal operation of the carton packaging machine and extend the service life of the equipment.


In the process of operating the carton packaging machine, some faults or abnormalities may occur. When a malfunction occurs, the operator needs to deal with it in time and carry out troubleshooting. Troubleshooting may involve replacing worn parts, adjusting equipment parameters, etc., requiring the operator to have technical knowledge and experience.


The operation process of a carton packaging machine involves steps such as preparation, adjusting equipment parameters, carton loading, starting packaging, checking packaging quality, cleaning up, and troubleshooting. By following these steps, you can improve packaging efficiency and ensure packaging quality. At the same time, the operator needs to have certain technical knowledge and experience to cope with possible failure situations. In practice, attention should also be paid to operational safety and compliance with relevant regulations to prevent accidents.

How to order carton wrapping machine?

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