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Flour Packing Machine

Flour packing machine for sale

What is flour packing machine?

Flour packing machine is a professional packaging equipment mainly used to automatically pack flour and other powdery materials. Flour packaging machine can be equipped with an automatic dust removal design according to the demand to reduce the dust outward, accurate quantitative precision, and fast speed.

Composition of flour packing machine

Automatic bag feeding systemThe automatic bag feeding system can automatically complete the bag making and conveying according to the set bag length and bag width to improve production efficiency.
Measuring systemThe measuring system can automatically complete the measuring and placing of flour according to the set weight, which reduces manual operation and improves the accuracy of measuring.
Vacuum systemThe vacuum system can extract the air inside the bag to form a vacuum packaging state, prolonging the shelf life of the flour.
Sealing systemThe sealing system can heat and seal the bag's mouth to ensure the tightness and safety of the packaging.
Control systemThe control system can automatically control and monitor the whole packaging process to ensure the stability and reliability of the production process.
Palletising systemThe palletizing system is mainly used to pack flour bags into neat stacks for storage and transportation. It is mainly composed of a conveying system, palletizing system, and control system.

Working principle of flour packing machine

Principle of weight detection

Flour filling machine mainly controls the output of the packaging machine through weight detection, using the device to detect the weight of the products in the bag, and then adjust the weight according to the packaging requirements. Through this principle, the packaging machine can ensure the accurate weight of the products in the bag and improve production efficiency.

Automatic quantitative principle

Another important principle of wheat flour packing machine is automatic dosing. Add the quantity of starch powder, paste powder, and other products, the container size, and other factors to achieve accurate dosing. Wheat packing machine can guarantee the quality of packaging so that the total number of products and the number of individual packages to maintain consistency.

Electrical control principle

The electrical control system of the packaging machine is the core part of the entire packaging machine, the use of PLC controllers to achieve product delivery, dosing, sealing, cutting, and other automated operations, the control system can ensure the stability and reliability of the packaging machine.

Working process of flour packing machine

The workflow of automatic flour packing machine is mainly divided into the following parts.

Step 1 Product conveying

The products are fed into the rice flour packing machine through the conveyor, and the speed of the conveyor can be adjusted to achieve different specifications of the product packaging.

Step 2 Automatic quantitative

Before entering the bag, the products need to be accurately measured by the automatic dosing system to ensure that the number and weight of the products in each bag remain consistent.

Step 3 Sealing

When the products are loaded into the bag, the flour bag filling machine seals the bag through the sealing mechanism to ensure that the products in the bag will not leak out.

Step 4 Cutting

When the bag is full, the cutting mechanism separates the bag to form a separate package of products.

Step 5 Discharging

The conveyor will be separated from the product package out of the packaging machine, and ready for the next operation.

Function of flour packing machine

a. Full-automatic flour packaging machine has high precision, high speed, long life, good stability, manual bagging, and automatic measuring.

b. Rice powder packing machine is not limited by the packaging container. The contact part with flour is made of 304 stainless steel, which ensures the quality of flour.

c. The nature of the material of the automatic flour packaging machine determines the feeding method for the spiral feeding, to overcome the material is easy to stick material, and the characteristics of slow packaging speed.

d. The digital display on the screen of the packaging scale is easy and intuitive. Packaging specifications can be adjusted and very simple to operate.

e. Packaging scales for easy-to-produce dust materials can be configured to dust removal system, the use of high-pressure blowing ash, for the separation of dust-containing air in the dust, through the rounded shell to achieve centrifugal deposition, so that the dust-containing air through the filtration media to achieve a high degree of purity (i.e., purification) to meet the requirements of modern environmental protection.

Feature of flour packing machine

a. Highly automated. Flour bag packing machine adopts advanced automation technology to achieve fully automatic operation from weighing, conveying, and sealing to packing, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.

b. Accurate weighing. Wheat flour packaging machine adopts high-precision weighing sensors to ensure that the weight of each bag of flour is accurate, avoiding errors that may occur during manual packaging.

c. Strong stability. Flour mill packing machine is made of high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship, which makes the equipment have high stability during long time running and ensures the packing quality.

d. Multifunctionality. Flour packaging equipment has a variety of functions, such as automatic coding, automatic sealing, etc., to meet the different packaging needs of enterprises and improve production efficiency.

Advantage of flour packing machine

a. Fully automatic flour packing machine can efficiently carry out feeding, measuring and checking, sealing bags, copying time, merchandise output of all processing. Automatic packaging machine measurement and verification of high precision, high efficiency, and fast, saving raw materials in addition to reducing labor costs.

b. 1 kg flour packing machine can replace manual packing to free workers from complicated work. Like some of the volume of large net heavy goods handmade packaging consumption of energy is also very easy to get hurt; the second some of the goods processing will cause smoke, radioactive substances, stimulation of the body harmful to the injury. Flour automatic packaging machinery can reasonably deal with this problem.

c. Atta packing machine has the role of automatic identification, so the packaging of goods that do not pass the equipment can be intelligently screened again to carry out repackaging, improving the rate of compliance in addition to the waste of raw materials is not extravagant. In addition to reducing wear and tear, it is also conducive to maintenance and operation, which reduces the cost of products to a large extent.

Application of flour packing machine

Flour automatic packaging machine for grain, rice, seed corn, soybean, rice, fertilizer granules, rubber granules, plastic granules, PP granules, PE granules, inorganic salt, industrial salt, metal granules, oil and grease, sugar, food granules, chemical industry, light industry, and other industries granular materials for quantitative packaging, including corrosive materials. The packaging weigher is made of stainless steel material.

How to select flour packing machine?

As society unfolds from time to time, more and more flour manufacturers have started to use flour packaging machine to carry out the packaging of flour. Because the packaging effect of this machine is much higher than the artificial packaging effect, it is also welcomed by many enterprises.

Selected according to the packaging items

When choosing a flour packing machine, customers must suspend the selection according to the packaging items. Many flour packaging machines on the market have different packaging effects when packaging. Assuming that the packaging items are granules, then you can choose an ordinary flour granule packaging machine; assuming that the packaging items are powder, then you can choose a high-quality flour powder packaging machine. In this way, the packaging effect will be better.

Selected according to the packaging range

When choosing flour packaging machine, customers can also choose according to the packaging range. As many enterprises pay much attention to the range of packaging, such as 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 20kg. Different ranges also need to choose different sizes of flour packaging machines, to effectively improve the packaging efficiency of the enterprise.

Selection according to the sealing status

There are different sealing methods when packing flour. Typically, there are heat sealing and sewing machine sealing. Different sealing methods used in the flour packaging machine are also different.

How to order flour packing machine?

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