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Infusion Set Assembly Machine

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What is infusion set assembly machine?

Infusion set assembly machine is mainly composed of a delivery system, a vibration plate, and a manipulator. And they can work together to automatically complete the assembly task of the infusion set.

In the infusion set assembly machine, the conveying system can automatically adjust according to different process flows and ensure the accurate conveying of each component; the vibration plate is used to feed the components; the manipulator can flexibly control movements and complete fine-detailed assembly tasks, improving production efficiency and quality.

Production process of infusion set assembly machine

Sub-production process flow

a. Granular material inspection - blowing bucket + injection molding + tube drawing - material breakage

b. Water production - rough cleaning - fine cleaning + infusion needle

Overall production process

After completing the above sub-production process flow, enter the overall production process flow of the infusion set assembly machine: assembly - leak detection - packaging - intermediate packaging - boxing and packaging - sterilization - analysis - factory inspection – warehousing.

Production process essentials of infusion set assembly machine


Raw material selection

The main raw materials needed for medical infusion set automatic assembly machines include plastic tubes, connectors, filters, etc. When selecting raw materials, it is necessary to ensure that they comply with relevant hygiene standards and have high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties to ensure the safety and reliability of the infusion set.

Production process control

The production process of medical infusion sets includes injection molding, assembly and sterilization. During the injection molding process, parameters such as temperature, pressure, and injection speed need to be controlled to ensure the appearance and dimensional accuracy of the product. During the assembly process of the infusion set, strict assembly inspection and leakage testing are required to ensure the sealing of the connection parts. In the sterilization process, appropriate sterilization methods should be selected, and the amount and time of sterilant usage should be strictly controlled to ensure the sterility of the product.

Quality control testing

During the preparation process of the infusion set, a number of quality control tests are required, including appearance inspection, dimensional measurement, connection force test, leakage test, liquid medicine flow rate test, etc. These testing items of the IV set assembly machine can effectively evaluate the quality of the product, identify and solve potential problems in a timely manner, and ensure the safety and reliability of the infusion set.

Details of infusion set assembly machine

Medical tube cutting

Use the cutting tool on the infusion set assembly machine to cut the medical PVC pipe to a certain length. And use a special pipe cutting tool when cutting to ensure smooth and accurate cutting.

Syringe connection

Next, attach the syringe to one end of the IV tube. The syringe is the connector between the infusion tube and the medicine, and the medicine can be injected into the infusion tube through the syringe.

Plastic connector connection

At the other end, plastic connectors need to be attached via an infusion set automatic assembly machine. The plastic connector is the connector between the infusion tube and the infusion set. Moreover, the plastic connector can be used to connect the infusion tube to the infusion set for infusion treatment.


After completing the above connections, the infusion tube needs to be sterilized. Sterilization is to ensure the hygiene and safety of the infusion tube and avoid bacterial and viral contamination.

Quality inspection

After sterilization, the infusion tube needs to be inspected for quality. The quality inspection on the infusion set assembly machine includes appearance inspection, connection strength test, pressure resistance test, etc., because only infusion tubes that pass the quality inspection can be put into use.

Parameters of infusion set assembly machine

Parameter nameParameter
Machine capacityOne out of twelve ≥5000-5500PCS/H
Leak detection failure rate≤0.00003%
Air pressure0.5-0.7Mpa
Machine air consumption1.5m³/min
Machine weight10T
Machine noise value≤80 decibels
Staffing numbers4
Pneumatic componentsSMC, PLC, sensors, manipulators, linear slide rails, CCD, electronic control components, and servo motors are all from well-known domestic and foreign industry brands.

Features of infusion set assembly machine

a. Infusion set assembly machine is mainly used to complete the automatic assembly of the infusion set, automatically apply glue, automatically detect clogging and leakage, and can automatically reject NG products.

b. Each function of the IV set assembly machine can be operated independently or can be connected to production at any time. At the same time, it can also be shielded according to the requirements of the process flow.

c. Feeding form of the infusion set automatic assembly machine: 1. Tube parts are fed by vacuum adsorption; 2. Regulators, adjusting wheels, medicine passes, unions, drip buckets, sheaths, plastic needles, empty passes, etc. are fed by vibrating disks; 3. The intravenous needles are manually arranged and fed.

Advantages of infusion set assembly machine

a. The parts on the automatic assembly machine for IV set that come into contact with the product are uniformly polished with soft silicone/engineering plastic/SUS304.

b. Infusion set assembly machine adopts human-machine interface and PLC control, and has program clearing and abnormal shutdown alarm functions.

c. IV infusion set manufacturing machine can monitor and detect product quality in real time, thereby reducing the impact of human factors on product quality and reducing the rate of defective products.

d. Infusion set assembly machines can reduce some of the waste and contamination that can occur during traditional manufacturing processes.

e. Infusion set automatic assembly machines reduce reliance on manual operations, reduce labor costs, and can also reduce the risk of injuries to workers during repetitive labor.

How to buy infusion set assembly machine?

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