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Mineral Water Filling Machine

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What is mineral water packing machine?

Mineral water filling machine belongs to the special filling equipment series. Mineral water packing machine is mainly used for the production of various mineral water, pure water, and other non-gas beverages in polyester bottles, and it can realize the bottle punching, filling, and capping on one machine.

Working principle of mineral water packing machine

Automatic mineral water filling machine according to its filling pressure is divided into atmospheric liquid filling machine, vacuum liquid filling machine, and pressure liquid filling machine.

Atmospheric automatic mineral water filling machine is based on the weight of the liquid itself to implement the self-flow filling, this type of filling machine on the viscosity of the liquid, gas, etc. has greater requirements, based on the filling mode is divided into timed filling and fixed capacity filling, common filling objects such as wine and milk.

Vacuum automatic mineral water filling machine is in the bottle pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure for filling. This kind of filling machine structure is simple, highly efficient, and generally used for the viscosity of liquid, such as oil, syrup, fruit wine, etc. more common.

Pressure automatic mineral water filling machine refers to filling under conditions higher than atmospheric pressure, which can also be divided into two kinds. One method refers to the principle of relying on the liquid storage cylinder pressure and the bottle pressure is equal to the principle of liquid self-weight into the bottle and filling, known as isobaric filling; the other is the liquid storage cylinder pressure is higher than the bottle pressure, the liquid flows into the bottle by the pressure difference, known as high-pressure filling, the general high-speed liquid filling production line are used in this way. Pressure-filling machine is usually used for gas-containing liquid filling, such as beer, soft drinks, champagne, and so on.

Working process of mineral water packing machine

Mineral water filling production line

Mineral water filling machine is mainly used for the production of barrel mineral water and bottled mineral water equipment. Generally, the mineral water filling production line mainly includes mineral water treatment equipment (ultrafiltration reverse osmosis equipment), mineral water blowing equipment, mineral water filling equipment, and back-end packing equipment.

Mineral water treatment equipment

Integrated ultrafiltration water treatment equipment
Mineral spring water treatment equipment is different from pure water treatment equipment. Mineral water treatment equipment adopts ultrafiltration for filtration, through the different pressure differences between the two sides of the filtration membrane to promote the filtration of molecules in the water, water softening; through the Yang resin to adsorb calcium and magnesium ions, retaining the mineral elements beneficial to the body; through the fine filtration to excess water molecules and harmful substances.

Mineral water bottle blowing equipment

One out of two 5L bottle-blowing machine
Mineral water-blowing equipment mainly refers to bottle-blowing machine equipment. Production of mineral water is bottled mostly, bottled mineral water blowing equipment can be produced according to the size of the customer's production output to choose the specific equipment, generally divided into one out of two, one out of four, one out of six, one out of eight and other linear blowing machines. If the production of larger water plants generally uses rotary blowing machines, but the price is high, very few companies can choose to use them, so most of the water companies are mainly linear blowing machines.

Mineral water filling equipment

Mineral water filling equipment
Mineral water filling equipment is mainly filling machine equipment. Through the filling machine for water filling, bottle capping, and a series of actions to achieve the requirements of mineral water filling. At present, the common mineral water filling equipment is generally more a three-in-one filling machine, a common model for the 18-head filling machine outputs 5000-6000 bottles/hour. 24-head mineral water filling machine output is generally in the 12000 bottles/hour, 32-head filling machine output in 18000 bottles/hour, 40-head filling machine output in the 2-24,000 bottles/hour, and so on.

Mineral water back-end packaging equipment

Mineral water is generally bottled in high-end packaging form to transport, bottled mineral water is generally used to box or film package. Commonly used equipment is a film packaging machine, case packing machine, and conveyor transmission.

Working principle of mineral water filling production line

The principle of the mineral water filling production line is very simple, which is to let the bottles transfer according to the winding conveyor, and then transfer according to the star wheel of bottle dialing to the bottle punching machine of the three-in-one machine. The punching machine rotary disc is equipped with bottle clamps, bottle clamps to the mouth of the bottle along the slide rail rotated 180 °so that the mouth of the bottle is down. In the special area of the bottle flushing machine, the bottle flushing water is sprayed out from the nozzle of the bottle flushing clip to carry out the cleaning of the inner cavity of the bottle. Bottles after cleaning, control dry in the bottle clamp clamping along the slide and then rotate 180 °so that the bottle mouth up.

The cleaned bottles are guided out by the bottle flushing machine and transferred to the automatic filling machine according to the star wheel. The bottles entering the automatic filling machine are clamped by a short plate and raised by the camshaft effect, and then the mouth of the bottle opens the canning valve. Mineral water production line canning selection of force canning method.

The general canning valve opens after the raw material according to the canning valve for the whole process of canning, canning is completed after the bottle mouth to lowered away from the canning valve, and the bottle according to the card short plate articulation wheel into the automatic filling machine. The stop-knife on the automatic filling machine holds the short plate in position, keeping the bottle standing and preventing it from rotating. Capping head in the automatic filling machine to maintain self-rotating and uniform rotation, in the camshaft under the efficacy of the completion of the grabbing cap, set cap, screw cap, and decap position, to carry out all the sealing of the whole process.

Feature of mineral water filling machine

a. Mineral water packing machine adopts the design of bottleneck suspension running mode, which makes the bottle run smoothly and reliably at high speed, and at the same time, it greatly reduces the number of changeable parts, which makes it more convenient and quicker to change the bottle type.

b. Mineral water bottle filling machine adopts a new generation of stainless-steel flip bottle clamps, so that the clamps and the bottle mouth thread above the part of the non-contact, and has a spray nozzle, so that the bottle wall rinsing sufficiently, with no dead ends.

c. Mineral water bottle packing machine adopts advanced gravity filling principle, filling fast, stable, and accurate.

d. Automatic water bottling machine adopts magnetic torque type cap screwing head, realizing cap grasping and cap screwing. Screw the cap torque stepless adjustable, sealing tight and reliable, and does not hurt the cap.

e. Mineral water bottling machine adopts human-machine interface touch screen button, PLC computer control, with a lack of cover, overload protection alarm device, can find and troubleshoot promptly, high degree of production automation.

f. The parts contact with water are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the main electrical components are made of the products of international famous manufacturers.

g. Automatic mineral water bottle filling machine can be matched with bottle brushing machine, double-stage pure water equipment, and other equipment.

Use of mineral water filling machine

Mineral water automatic filling machine is suitable for low viscosity liquid, can be applied to filling capacity from 50L to 1000L, and the accuracy is up to two-thousandths of a cent (depending on the capacity of the feeding barrel, product properties, and feeding pressure). The whole equipment is airtight and explosion-proof, equipped with automatic vat uncapping, automatic positioning, automatic filling, automatic capping, automatic transport, etc. Nitrogen-filling devices and air-extraction devices are optional. The servo motor-controlled drive belt drives the filling head to run the submerged filling method, with the variable speed filling function that can be set, the filling head rises with the liquid level, synchronized with the liquid level, which reduces the generation of foam when filling liquids that are easy to foam, prevents bottle mouth contamination caused by liquid overflow, and effectively improves the production capacity.

What is antifreeze?

Antifreeze for automatic mineral water filling machine engines significance is not to be ignored, it can play a million of the engine's cooling system components to protect the role of low-temperature does not freeze, high temperature does not fly is the characteristics of its antifreeze compared to ordinary water with corrosion, water scale, boiling point, and other characteristics, here to explain the use of an antifreeze misunderstanding, only in the winter time to use, in the summertime to Stop using, this is not true, antifreeze should be used throughout the year.

Choice of antifreeze?

In general, the freezing point of antifreeze selected for mineral water automatic filling machines should be more than 10 ℃ below the local minimum temperature in case of sudden weather changes. Multi-effect antifreeze freezing point range between -25 ° C to -50 ° C, can meet the vast majority of regions in the north of China's mechanical engine freeze needs.

Shelf life of antifreeze

Antifreeze also has a shelf life. As a large number of chemical components are added to antifreeze, some chemical changes will occur under the influence of temperature and time, affecting the function of antifreeze, so it is recommended to replace antifreeze once a year.

Process of replacing antifreeze

Before completely replacing the antifreeze, do an all-around check to see if there are any signs of leakage in the pipeline and if there are any cracks. Add water to drain the old antifreeze, after which clean the liquid channels with water. Change the new liquid will be new antifreeze by the water tank (radiator) water inlet to join, filling the reservoir tank until the highest mark.

Precautions for using antifreeze

Antifreeze cannot be mixed, different types of antifreeze must not be mixed to avoid chemical reactions, precipitation, or bubbles. Never mix with water. If the antifreeze in the water tank is lower than the marking line or leakage, please add antifreeze of the same brand and color in time.

How to order mineral water packing machine?

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