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Paneer Packing Machine

Paneer packing machine for sale

What is paneer packing machine?

Paneer packing machine is an efficient and highly automated production equipment. It can dispense the produced cheese quickly and accurately to meet the market demand.

What is paneer?

Paneer, also known as Indian cheese, is a well-known Indian dairy product that is often used as an ingredient in dishes or as a base for cooking. It is made from cow's or goat's milk and is often cut into small pieces and then used in dishes. Indian cheese is also often used to make Paneer Butter Masala (lemon cheese) in Indian cuisine. It has a lighter flavor and is often used with spicy seasonings.

Working principle of paneer packing machine

Unloading system

The packaged cheese is placed in the unloading system of paneer vacuum packing machine. This system is capable of a variety of unloading methods, such as vibratory unloading, vacuum suction, etc. Using the unloading system, the cheese will be smoothly delivered to the unloading position of the packaging machine.

Automatic loading

Next, the cheese is automatically fed into the loading system. In the loading system, the cheese is positioned and fed into flat bags.

Sealing system

Once the cheese has been placed in the flat bag, the sealing system starts to work. This system can be used to seal the cheese sticks with hot, cold, or self-adhesive seals as required. The main function of the sealing system is to seal the bag to ensure that the cheese is packed in one piece.

Cutting system

Once the sealing is complete, the cutting system begins. This system is capable of cutting the cheese sticks in various ways such as length and number according to the need. The main function of the cutting system is to pack the cheese into individual bags for easy transport and storage.

Counting system

The counting system counts the bags to ensure that the correct amount of cheese is in each bag. The counting system can count the number of cheese sticks and their weight according to the need.

Feature of paneer packing machine

a. Paneer packing machine adopts an advanced PLC control system and operation panel, which is simple and easy to operate.

b. The vacuum packing machine for paneer has a compact design and takes up little space, which won't take up too much production space and saves the cost of site rental for enterprises.

c. Paneer packaging machine adopts high-precision sensors and controllers to ensure that the size, weight, and seal of each bag are accurate.

d. Automatic packaging, a series of actions from loading, measuring, discharging, bagging, sealing, and wheeling out in one step, which reduces the labor intensity of the staff, and at the same time reduces human mis-operation and improves the production efficiency and quality.

e. Automatic paneer packing machine is equipped with automatic detection of material missing, coding, bag opening, bagging, and other functions, maintenance is more convenient.

Advantage of paneer packing machine

a. Automated and efficient packaging. Daily output can be up to 10,000 packages or more.

b. Easy operation, full touch screen control, friendly interface, easy and quick mold replacement, and machine maintenance.

c. Excellent packaging quality, and a high degree of customizability. Appearance, shape, size, or others can be customized.

Application of paneer packing machine

Paneer packing machine is a practical box sealing and bowl sealing machine developed and customized due to market demand, adopting constant temperature heating, instant hot sealing, flat sealing effect, automatic cutting, and easy to operate. Paneer vacuum packing machine is suitable for rectangular boxes, square boxes, and round boxes in food houses, bakeries, western restaurants, breakfast restaurants, canteen, Shaped box (cups, plastic cups, plastic bowls, paper cups, paper bowls) sealing, sealing tightly and quickly, no leakage and no leakage.

Type of paneer packing machine 

The casing of the paneer packing machine is usually stainless steel and can be customized as manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic according to customers' requirements.

Manual box sealing machine

Manual operation, manual putting the box to take the box, hand pressure sealing, manual film winding.

Semi-automatic capping machine

Manual operation, hand to put the box to take the box, hand pressure sealing, machine roll film.

Automatic capping machine

Put the box and take the box by hand, automatic sealing, automatic film cutting, automatic film rolling.

Use of paneer packing machine


Before operating the paneer packing machine, must be carried out to feel the structure, performance, function and operation method of the whole machine, to prevent equipment failure or safety accidents due to unskilled or irregular operation. At the same time to ensure that the cheese cartoning machine power supply and water safety.


In the process of operating the paneer vacuum packing machine, the operator should strictly follow the equipment instructions, labels, warnings, and other bath specifications for change. In the process of operation, pay attention to the following points.

a. Do not leave the cheese cartoning machine in a hurry.

b. Do not adjust the parameters of the equipment privately. Never privately adjust equipment parameters and documentation unless authorized to do so.

c. Do not touch the machine with your hands. Do not put your hands in the paneer vacuum packing machine.

d. Do not disassemble the machine. Do not disassemble the device easily.

e. Do not disassemble the equipment. Do not reuse damaged materials.

Handling after operation

When the multivac paneer packing machine operation is finished, the operator should handle the equipment, mainly including the following aspects.

a. Disconnect the power and water source of the equipment to ensure safety.

b. Clean up the equipment in time to avoid the accumulation of impurities that may cause failure.

c. The parts of the equipment should be managed and stored in different categories.

Maintenance of paneer packing machine

Daily maintenance

Daily maintenance mainly includes cleaning, checking, and adjusting loose parts of the equipment. Firstly, the paneer packing machine should be cleaned, and it is advisable to take photographs to record the condition of the whole machine before cleaning. Follow the instructions in the product manual, then any residue and dirt can be removed from the equipment, remove the spare parts of the equipment such as rubber, screws and positioning equipment, etc., for cleaning and inspection to ensure that the spare parts are clean and not damaged or worn. If parts are found to be damaged, they need to be replaced immediately. After inspection, reinstall all spare parts and hand-tighten all screws.

Regular maintenance

During regular maintenance, the operator should clean and replace the lubricant and grease according to the equipment manual and the manufacturer's recommendations, check the equipment cables and power supply accessories, and sterilize the utensils. Generally, the paneer vacuum packing machine should be maintained once a year or once every 5,000 hours. The maintenance process can be carried out through the following steps.

a. Clean the working area.

b. Switch off the power and water supply and dismantle all connectors and components.

c. Replace the parts that need to be replaced (lubricants, filters, etc.).

d. Reassemble all components, checking to make sure they are installed correctly.

Safe operation and maintenance of vacuum-packed paneer is very important to ensure the safety of the equipment and to prolong the service life of the equipment. A reasonable operation can reduce the failure rate and slow down the wear and tear on the equipment, while correct maintenance can also improve the efficiency of the equipment so that it can provide users with better service. We recommend that before operation, carefully read and observe the specifications of the equipment instructions, and carefully operate and inspect the equipment during routine and periodic maintenance to improve productivity and equipment safety.

How to order paneer packing machine?

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