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Masala Packing Machine

Masala packing machine for sale

What is masala packing machine?

Masala packing machine is made in strict accordance with the chemical standards, with automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error and other functions. It is suitable for packing spices, glucose, milk powder, flour, monosodium glutamate, spices, soya milk powder, medicine powder, and other powder materials. The powder packing machine can also be used to dispense cotton white sugar and white sugar by changing the way of discharging. The machine has a wide range of packaging and can be packaged liquid, sauce, powder, granules, and solid materials, according to different materials to choose a different measurement filling device, easy to operate.

Working principle of masala packing machine

The working principle of the masala pouch packing machine is that the film on the reel is wound through the guide stick group and tensioning shaft, and then the position of the product information pattern on the packing film is detected and positioned by the photoelectric eye color-coded detection and control device, and then the film is wrapped onto the surface of the sleeve of the pouch maker through the pouch maker. Automatic masala packing machine's first longitudinal heat-sealing device will be the film folded overlap part of the opposite heat sealing to get the bag length part, pulling the film device traction down to run to the cross-sealing device for the end of the seal constitutes not yet sealed the shape of the packaging bag, measurement of the material to fill the end of the sealing again to form a complete product packaging.

Working process of masala packing machine

a. Vacuum suction bag. Vertical bag slot design is easy to put and take.

b. Ribbon coding. This function can achieve can spray graphics text and date, automatic coding.

c. Bag opening. Manipulator automatically up and down suction cups to open the bag.

d. Filling, vibration, filling down (can add vibration device).

e. Sealing, heat sealing, optional straight/mesh.

f. Flavoring powder quantitative packaging machine equipment finished product output, conveying the finished product, to avoid pushing accumulation.

Technical parameter of masala packing machine

Measuring range1-100ml
Measuring methodScrew-type measuring
Bag sizeLength 20-160mm; Width 15-110mm
Packing speed45-70 bags/min
Control modePLC control system + Chinese and English display screen
AppearancePainted steel plate / stainless steel
PowerMain motor 370W, heating power 720W
VoltageAC 380V 50Hz / AC 220V 50Hz
Weight (Kg)Net Weight:165

Feature of masala packing machine

a. Replaceable container adapting parts. The automatic masala-making machine is suitable for all kinds of different sizes and shapes of containers, easy and quick to replace.

b. Automatic no-container detection system to prevent misuse and material outflow contamination of the machine.

c. The height of the rotary funnel is adjustable and suitable for a variety of different heights of containers.

d. Bottle carousel with vibration to ensure that the material is filled into the bottle.

e. Rotary funnel and star-shaped turntable speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, for good fluidity of the material, bottle caliber of large filling, the rotary speed can be adjusted faster, for poor fluidity of the material, bottle caliber of small filling, the rotary speed needs to be adjusted slower, to adapt to a wide range.

f. Masala powder packing machine adopts all stainless-steel structure, horizontal opening type material bin, very convenient to clean.

g. Servo motor and servo drive control screw, stable performance and high precision.

h. Masala box packing machine adopts PLC control, touch screen human-machine interface display, easy to operate.

i. The filling head is equipped with a handwheel to adjust the height, which makes it easy to realize the canning of different sizes of containers.

j. Replacement of metering device can adapt to a variety of materials such as ultra-fine powder to small particles.

Application of masala packing machine

All kinds of seasonings, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, edible salt, thirteen spices, pepper, chili powder, soy sauce, vinegar, chili sauce, seafood sauce, and other seasonings are indispensable in the market because they are closely related to the life of the people.

They are inextricably linked to our flavoring packaging machines. It is due to the existence of a seasoning packaging machine, that our life has become colorful, with food and more delicious food waiting for us. In the current market, the production cycle of various products is being shortened. As a flavoring packaging machine with seasoning package, it can be said that it is a very important packaging machine and equipment, and it is also important for product manufacturers. Especially with the continuous emergence and change of new products, the market demands more and more spice packaging machines. Just as our requirements for spices are getting higher and higher, spice packaging machines are also changing with the needs of the market to serve you better.

The successful rise and development of the spice packaging machine can be said to be the embodiment of many years of efforts of masala packaging machinery, especially in terms of technological breakthroughs, has entered a new stage of self-development, but also promoted the common development industry, and now, the spice packaging machine appeared in the market, to better serve people's lives and bring convenience to life. Contribute to the market. In the current market, flavoring packaging machines to better serve the market and serve various industries. Contribution. Now the flavouring has started its own pace of development. The flavoring packaging machine has gradually expanded its service scope. The equipment's new technology and the use of new techniques, coupled with the use of new materials, can better meet the various needs of the current market.

The emergence of flavor packing machines not only enables manufacturers to reduce production costs but also improves packing speed and product accuracy, greatly improving work efficiency. Flavoring packaging machine continues to expand their influence and market development ability in their field. Under the baptism of technology, flavor packaging machine has more development and field development in the market. Flavoring packaging machine makes its development more confident and valuable, better service market will bring more services to the market and consumers so that people see its broad prospects and changes in market development.

Masala packing machine automatic is suitable for packing peppercorns, barbecue dipping sauce, five spice powder, refined salt, sugar, pepper, cumin, cumin powder, chili powder, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate (MSG), pepper salt, white sesame, and other spices.

Function of masala packing machine

Masala automatic packaging machines in the packaging industry can pack powdery items of important equipment, It can be constantly innovative, and now seasoning automatic packaging machine manufacturers actively introduce international advanced technology and reasonable design concepts. By constantly analyzing the domestic market and the actual development needs, technology is the basis, demand is the goal and continuous innovation.

a. The masala machine fully automatically uses the computerized measuring device, accurate weighing, stable performance, and simple operation. The spice packaging machine is all sealed and equipped with a dust port, reasonable structure, and durable, truly environmental protection production.

b. Photoelectric switch control, only manual bagging, clean bag mouth, easy to seal.

c. Masala packing machine automatic and material contact parts are made of stainless steel, easy to clean, to prevent cross-contamination.

d. Electromechanical integration, saving electricity, the machine can automatically achieve bag compression, loosening, gate closure bag lifting, and other functions.

Use of masala packing machine

a. Install the machine. First, install the machine and packaging rolls of film, install the wrapping paper on the support, and try to wrap the edge of the paper and the middle gap of the support frame into a vertical parallel state.

b. Turn on the power. When installing, the operator needs to lay the automatic seasoning packaging machine flat and plug it in to turn on the power switch and wait for the machine to work. Note that the power plug must be connected to the plug with grounding wire.

c. Setting parameters. Set the length of the bag, temperature parameters, and the number of grams of material to be discharged.

d. Pour in material. Pour the material into the hopper, the press starts working.

e. Automatic packaging. Automatic spice seasoning packaging machine automatic quantitative weighing, feeding, sealing, cutting into bags, packaging one-time forming.

How to order masala packing machine?

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