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Seasoning Packaging Machine

Seasoning packaging machine for sale

What is seasoning packaging machine?

Seasoning packaging machine is a kind of machine and equipment used to package powder materials. It is suitable for automatic spice packing of powder materials in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, such as chicken powder, ginger powder, cumin powder, barbecue powder, pepper powder, chili powder, curry powder, flour, yam powder, herbal powder, milk powder, five spice powder, cumin powder, mung bean powder, fennel powder, calcium powder, chicken powder, chili powder, hot and sour soup seasoning, hoisin soup seasoning, fresh flavor shredded pork soup seasoning, mushroom shredded chicken soup seasoning, egg flower tofu soup seasoning, seasoning for seafood soup, seasoning for seafood soup, seasoning for seafood soup, and so on.

Seasoning filling machine can realize automatic measuring, automatic bagging, automatic sealing and other functions, improve packaging efficiency and packaging quality, is one of the important equipment in modern industrial production.

Working principle of seasoning packaging machine

Seasoning packaging machine adopts mechanical rotary, atmospheric pressure filling, quantitative by measuring cup, filling valve and other technologies. Empty bottles passed from the bottle conveyor line, through the bottle feed dial wheel mechanism, each empty bottle is accurately sent to the carousel, the empty bottles then rotate; at the same time, the soft bracket will empty bottles, the bottle mouth and the packaging valve is automatically opened after contacting the packaging; packaging is complete, the bottles are automatically pulled out to enter the bottle conveyor line, and the whole process is over. Small spice packing machine is equipped with automatic protection device, such as the phenomenon of bottle jamming, the machine automatically stops to protect the safety of man and machine.

Technical parameter of seasoning packaging machine

Power sourceAC380V
Packaging precision±1%
Packaging speed1500-3000 bags
Machine size1000(mm)×650(mm)×2000(mm)

Function of seasoning packaging machine

Seasoning packing machine can automatically complete the measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cutting and counting and other work; automatically complete the packaging of granular materials.

Feature of seasoning packaging machine

a. Seasoning packaging machine with microcomputer centralized control of the machine's various functional states, with man-machine dialogue interface.

b. Intelligent temperature controller controls the temperature of horizontal and vertical sealing body in two ways.

c. Intelligent photoelectric positioning of seasoning automatic packaging machine, bright moving, dark moving arbitrary conversion, strong anti-interference, three consecutive bags of cursor abnormalities that is the shutdown alarm.

d. Seasoning packaging machine in the rated range of stepless adjustment of packaging speed, positioning open mouth stop.

e. High bag-making precision. Easy operation and maintenance.

f. Seasoning packaging machine adopts the volumetric method of measurement, for the density of uniformity of the packaged materials measured accurately, in line with the measurement standards.

Advantage of seasoning packaging machine

The common seasonings on the market are granular, powder and liquid. According to the different packaging materials, after research and development and manufacturing, the manufacturers of seasoning packaging machine have designed different machines. These seasoning packaging machines can be packaged according to the customer's packaging needs.

For example, granular automatic seasoning packet packaging machine is divided into vertical bag packaging machine and bag packaging machine, customers can choose the right packaging equipment according to their packaging needs. Granular seasoning vertical packaging machine is composed of a vertical filling packaging machine, combined scale and bucket elevator, and it is a machine that integrates weighing, bag making, folding, filling, sealing, printing, punching and counting. It adopts double servo motors to synchronize the belt to pull the film and single servo motor to seal the seal, which is stable and reliable.

Reliable performance of control elements. The machine design is advanced, which is convenient for customers to adjust, operate and maintain in daily use. It can meet the packing requirements of high speed, high precision and easy to clean, and provide efficient help for condiment production and packing enterprises.

Type of seasoning packaging machine


Application of seasoning packaging machine

Range of application

Granular seasonings: salt, sugar, star anise, pepper, allspice, allspice, vinegar pepper, cumin granules, fennel, cinnamon, and so on.

Powdered seasonings: pepper, chicken powder, allspice, cumin powder, marinated meat powder, chili powder, five-spice powder, salt baking powder, thirteen spices, etc.

Liquid seasonings: chili oil, bagged soy sauce vinegar, sauces, etc.

Instant noodle seasoning packaging machine

Bagged instant noodles can be found everywhere in supermarkets or convenience stores. In addition to instant noodles, there will be packing pouch for spices, and instant noodle seasoning packets are generally divided into seasoning powder packets, sauce packets and vegetable packets. Each kind of instant noodle seasoning packet using instant noodle seasoning packaging machine is different, these three kinds of seasoning packets need to use three different packaging machines. Seasoning powder packets with a powder packaging machine, sauce packets with a liquid packaging machine, and vegetable packets with a granule packaging machine or electronic scale packaging machine.

Instant noodle seasoning packaging machine-seasoning powder packet

Instant noodles seasoning powder packets are used to automate the packaging of powder packaging machine, mostly three side seal-based, through the screw rotary metering, in the Kay Packaging powder packaging machine is a PLC system control, touch screen to achieve human-computer interaction, the user can set up the packaging weight and bag length through the touch screen, the operation is simple and easy to use.

Instant noodle seasoning packaging machine-sauce packet

Sauce packet is also the soul of instant noodle, instant noodle sauce is packed with liquid packaging machine, the sauce has pure liquid and also contains chili pepper small particles. For the state of sauce packet, customers can customize the barrel with or without stirring, with or without heating, for the particles, or thicker and easier to lump the sauce, then need to have stirring with heating barrel, so as to keep the uniformity of the material, to prevent the particles from settling. Sauces are metered by a liquid pump, and the metering is adjustable within a small range without the need to replace the liquid pump.

Instant noodles seasoning packaging machine-vegetable packet

Vegetable packets of instant noodles using the packaging machine is a particle packaging machine. It can be measured by measuring cups, can also be measured by electronic scales, conditions, it is recommended that you can use electronic scales, relatively speaking, the measurement accuracy will be higher, and there will be no wear and tear on the dried vegetables, packaging tea will also be used in the measurement of electronic scales. Different vegetable packages, different particle sizes, the same measuring cup, measuring out are different, measuring cups are suitable for a small range of adjustable grams, electronic scales will be much larger adjustable range.

Use of seasoning packaging machine

a. Install the machine. Install the machine and packaging rolls of film, install the wrapping paper on the support, try to wrap the edge of the paper and the middle gap of the support frame into a vertical parallel state.

b. Turn on the power. Installation of automatic spice seasoning packaging machine, placed flat, plug in the power supply to open the power switch and wait for the machine to work, the power plug must be connected to the plug with a grounding wire.

c. Setting parameters. Set the bag length, temperature parameters and the number of grams of material to be discharged.

d. Pour in material. Pour the material into the hopper, press start working.

e. Automatic Packaging. Automatic spice seasoning packaging machine automatic quantitative weighing, feeding, sealing, cutting into bags, packaging one - time molding.

How to order seasoning packaging machine?

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