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PCB Assembly Machine

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What is PCB assembly machine?

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is an important electronic element, a support for electronic elements, and a carrier for electrical interconnection of electronic elements.

PCB automatic assembly equipment is a kind of equipment that uses automation technology to automatically assemble electronic components. And automatic PCB assembly machine can automatically assemble surface mount components (SMD) and aperture plugs (THT) onto printed circuit boards (PCB), and complete the fixing of components by soldering and other methods. These devices usually include placement machines, printing machines, steel screen printing machines, reflow soldering machines, etc.

Components of PCB assembly machine

SMT is Surface Mounted Technology, which is the most welcomed technology and craft in the electronic processing industry. SMT PCB assembly equipment is commonly used in the processing of PCB.

Solder paste printer

Solder paste printer is placed at the front end of the SMT processing line and is used to print soldering paste or patch glue. It will correctly leak soldering paste or patch glue to the corresponding site of the pad or printed board, preparing the component for installation.

Pick-and-place machine

Pick-and-place machine is placed behind the printing machine in the SMT assembly machine. Its role is to get the surface mount elements out of the wrap and precisely equip them on the fixed site of the printed circuit board. Meanwhile, the patch capacity and production function of the SMT assembly machine mainly hinge on the function and speed of the pick-and-place machine.

Pick-and-place equipment is a high-tech, complex and expensive device in the SMT assembly machine. Moreover, the automatic pick-and-place equipment is also a high-speed, high-precision, highly automated, and highly intelligent machine that integrates precision machinery, electric, pneumatic, optical, computer, and sensor technologies. Besides, in the SMT assembly machine, the configuration of the pick-and-place machine should be decided on the basis of the type and yield of the products.

Reflow soldering machine

Reflow soldering device is placed behind the placement machine in the SMT line equipment. Its role is to offer a heating environment to melt the solder paste pre-distributed on the pad of the printed board, thereby making the surface mount elements and the PCB pad stably integrated through the solder paste alloy.

Reflow soldering machine is simple in operation, high in efficiency, good in quality, good in consistency, and saves solder. Hence, it is an appropriate for automatic production of electronic product processing technology, which has turned into the main current of SMT circuit board processing technology.

Wave soldering machine

Wave soldering machine is a welding equipment that applies the wave crest of molten solder circulation flow to make the welding surface of PCB contact with the component, and make relative movement at a certain speed to achieve group welding. It is principally employed in the traditional through-hole printed circuit board assembly process and the hybrid assembly process of surface mount and through-hole elements. In addition, compared with manual soldering, wave welding has the features of high production efficiency, good soldering quality, and high reliability.

Testing equipment

The role of the testing device is to detect the assembly quality and soldering quality of the assembled PCB. The device used includes magnifying glass, microscope, automatic optical detector instrument (AOI), online tester (ICT), X-RAY inspection system, functional tester, etc. According to the testing needs, its mounting position is behind the corresponding station of the line of production.

AOI detector
The full name of AOI detector is automatic optical inspection, which is a production and processing equipment based on principles of optics to test common flaws appeared in welding production. Moreover, AOI is a new type of detection technique emerging, but its development is rapid. When automatic detection, the device automatically scans the PCB using the camera, collects images, compares the solder joints detected with the qualified parameters in the database, and after the processing of image, checks out the flaws on the PCB, and shows the flaws through the display or full-automatically signs/marks for mending by maintenance personnel.

ICT tester
ICT tester mainly uses the test probe of the ICT tester to contact the test points of the PCB layout to detect the open circuit, short circuit, and soldering of all parts of the PCBA.

Repair equipment

The function of the repair equipment is to rework and repair the PCB that has been detected to be faulty. The instruments used are soldering iron, repair workstation and so on.

Cleaning equipment

The role of the cleaning equipment is to eliminate the substances on the mounted PCB that influence the performance of electrical or the welding residues detrimental to the human body, such as flux. If no-clean solder is used, it does not need to be cleaned in a general way. The device used for cleaning is an ultrasonic washing unit and a special cleaning fluid. And the mounting position is unfixed, which can be online or offline.

Applications of PCB assembly machine

a. Electronic communication industry
The production of electronic equipment such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and computers requires the use of automatic assembly equipment for PCB.

b. Medical equipment industry
Medical equipment including blood pressure monitors, electrocardiographs, blood glucose meters and other devices all need to use automated PCB assembly machines.

c. Instrumentation industry
For example, meteorological instruments, mechanical instruments, electronic instruments and other instruments all need to use PCB automatic assembly equipment.

d. Automotive industry
PCB components assembly machine is also commonly used in the production of automotive electronic components, such as automotive displays, controllers, etc.

e. Household appliance industry
PCB automatic assembly equipment is also widely applied to the household appliance industry, such as refrigerator controllers, washing machine circuit boards, etc.

f. SMD LED lighting industry
When producing LED lighting equipment, LED PCB automatic assembly machine is also required to improve production efficiency and quality.

Features of PCB assembly machine

a. Automated and efficient
PCB automatic assembly equipment can realize automated production and replace traditional manual operations, thereby saving manpower and time costs and improving production efficiency.

b. High precision
SMT machine for PCB assembly not only adopts advanced mechatronics technology and control system, but also has high-precision component assembly and welding capabilities, so it ensures product quality.

c. Strong adaptability
PCB automatic assembly equipment can adapt to different electronic components and PCB boards, so it can complete the production and assembly of various models in a short period of time, improving production efficiency.

d. Reliable and stable
PCB automatic assembly equipment adopts industrial-grade standard machinery and control components, which has durable, stable and reliable working performance, so it can reduce failure rate and maintenance cost.

e. Ease of operation
PCB automatic assembly equipment adopts man-machine interface operation, which is convenient and easy to use, reducing operation difficulty and error rate, and improving production efficiency.

f. Cost saving
Automatic PCB assembly equipment can improve production efficiency and product quality in a short period of time, reduce production costs and labor costs, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Advantages of PCB assembly machine

The advantage of PCB automatic assembly equipment is that it improves production efficiency, reduces the time and error rate of manual operation, and can greatly shorten the production cycle. At the same time, automated PCB assembly machines can also cover a wider range of PCB forms, so that the production and assembly of variable types of PCBs can be completed in a short period of time, which improves production efficiency.

PCB assembly machine price

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How to order PCB assembly machine?

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