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What is sticking machine?

Sticking machine is a device that sticks the tube on the specified packaging container. The tube sticking machine is specially used for sticking tubes on the bottle body. It adopts PLC microcomputer man-machine interface to operate, and the program is practical and simple. Its equipment can automatically set the posted position, with high precision and large output, which saves a lot of labor, improves production efficiency, and improves product quality.

Structure of sticking machine

1. Sticking machine is driven by two motors to transfer the conveying system to the tube sticking device. The drum, cutter, glue spraying system (including heating and glue spraying) and straw conveying device in the tube sticking machine complete the delivery. The tubes are packaged and sent to the next process.

2. Understand the meaning of various signs of sticking machine, including danger signs, start, stop, reset, main power switch, selector switch, emergency stop, power indication, etc.

Program process of starting sticking machine

First check whether the glue is filled with three-quarters--turn on the main power supply--turn on the heating system switch to set the preheating temperature one by one--preheating--install the straw--pull the straw to the normal production state--check Barometer - check whether the position of the station chain is normal - standby - start - in the production process (fault maintenance and troubleshooting) - check the sticking situation (including glue spraying) and adjust properly - stop - transmission.

Features of sticking machine

1. The advanced label design of sticking machine overcomes the defect that the ultra-thin label cannot be dialed, and greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of the label.

2. The unique bottle feeding chuck of sticking machine adopts a built-in magnet to attract the feeding bottle, which not only feeds the bottle stably, but also positions it precisely.

3. The ingenious way of discharging the tube of sticking machine adopts the interspersed and flipping type of tube to ensure the stability and reliability of the tube.

4. Sticking machine has high speed and stable quality, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

5. With the humanized design of sticking machine, the user can not only choose to position the tube or not to position the tube according to their own production capacity, but also can set the number of labels arbitrarily, count automatically, and conveniently count the output.

6. Sticking machine adopts an advanced computer touch screen control system. The touch operation color screen can display the production status, operation procedure, labeling method and speed, etc. The screen is intuitive, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Types of sticking machine

Labeling machine

Labeling machine adopts German advanced technology and high-performance executive components, ultra-small inertia servo motors, and truly achieves perfect hose labeling. The labeling machine uses advanced man-machine interface systems to realize man-machine dialogue, and the host machine controls the labeling speed During the process, an accuracy level of 0.01 m/min can be achieved. Mitsubishi servo system realizes high response and high reliability of the system.

Straw pasting machine

Straw pasting machine can stick straws on the surface of various beverage packaging to improve the packaging grade of drinks and increase the convenience of consumption. It is suitable for sticking straws on the surface of cartons, plastic cups, and plastic bottles. It can be matched with various beverage packaging boxes. The machine adopts PLC automatic control system, which can automatically complete the process of product conveying, straw conveying, straw cutting, product gluing, straw sticking, etc., and the operation reaches the ideal technical level of similar products.

Function of sticking machine

1. The overall electrical control system of sticking machine is controlled by PLC, touch Chinese interface, which is very convenient and intuitive. The gel machine can be divided into two parts: the management machine and the filling machine in terms of appearance and structure. The jacket is sorted and enters the management turntable. When the tubes to be filled are sent to the filling machine by the conveyor belt, the tubes are transported by the working mechanism. Send into the working main turntable. The bottle washing machine is composed of stainless steel water pump, high pressure nozzle, electrical box and so on. It is a special equipment suitable for brush cleaning and water flushing cleaning of glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. alone or in combination. The tube sticking machine is a device that sticks the tube on the specified packaging container. The main application of the tube sticking machine is: rust remover, aerosol, etc., which need a catheter to export products in the container.

2. The labeling head can be adjusted in multiple directions, which is convenient for management and operation.

3. The exhaust label automatically alarms and shuts down.

4. The labeling position and baffle strips of sticking machine can be adjusted according to the size of the labeled object, and can be used for multiple products labeled by the same machine.

5. By way of wireless eyes to ensure stable detection of objects without being affected by color factors such as uneven reflective surfaces to ensure a stable label without mistakes.

6. All these accessories of sticking machine mainly include cabinets, conveyor belts, retaining rods and even small screws, all of which can be designed and manufactured with stainless steel or aluminum profiles, which will never rust and cause no pollution, ensuring that they can meet the requirements of social and environmental development.

7. All control system components have been strictly evaluated and tested to ensure stable and reliable performance.

8. There is a reminder and education function for the working and living status and faults of sticking machine, which makes the operation and maintenance easier and more convenient.

9. Sticking machine system has manual and automatic parameter setting functions. The automatic setting function can automatically set the length of the pre-out mark, and can automatically set the length of the pre-out mark to the best without multiple times, saving debugging time.

Working principle of sticking machine

When the conveyor belt of sticking machine is running, the friction between the speed-regulating belt and the brick-shaped box is greater than the friction between the conveyor belt and the bottom of the brick-shaped box, so that the brick-shaped box advances at a slower speed at the same speed as the speed-regulating belt, while The next brick-shaped box enters the working area of the speed-regulating belt in the same process, advances synchronously with the speed-regulating belt, touches the previous brick-shaped box and pushes it out, so that it advances synchronously with the conveyor belt and enters the next sequence. By analogy, the purpose of a single separated brick-shaped box is achieved.

Technical parameters of sticking machine

ModelT510 Positioning Sticking Machine
Applicable product rangediameter 67±2mm, height 150-220mm
Tape sizeheight 15-25mm, length 15-35mm (plastic transparent tape or paper tape)
Applicable pipe sizediameter 2.1±0.1mm, length 120±1mm
Sticking errorheight direction ± 2mm
Production capacity70-80 bottles/min
Rated voltage220V/50HZ
Machine power1.3KW
Working air pressure06-0.8Mp
Air consumption500L/H
Machine size2500x1120x1260mm
Machine weight330KG

How to use sticking machine?

Preparation before starting up

A. Water: check the water (for cleaning)
Electricity: transmission electricity (main power supply)
Gas: Whether the compressed air pressure is normal, and the main switch is set to "1" position

B. Fill the glue dispenser to three-quarters of the glue, and turn on the heating to the set temperature of 170°C (the actual working temperature of the equipment is subject to the quality of the sticking tube).

C. Fully prepare the straw, put the straw into the tube applicator and pull it to the normal production state, check whether the cutter and hot melt are normal, and after preparation, cover the protective cover to the standby state. D. Check the alarm lights, display lights and various instruments.

Specific process

A. Turn on the main power switch and see if the power indicator light is normal.

B. Observe whether the warning light is normally illuminated, and click the start button to see if the indicator light is normally illuminated.

C. Observe whether the two pressure gauges are at the "0" position.

D. Turn on the main heating switch and set it to "1", and check whether the temperature setting table and the glue setting table are normal.

Production status

A. Select the switch to "Man", turn off the main power supply, and lower the temperature.

B. Carry out machine cleaning: Wet the brush with water and detergent, brush off the milk and ash stains, then wipe the sol device with a rag, then dry it, and clean the surface of the machine body, glass and cover.

Repair and maintenance of sticking machine

1. Professional maintenance personnel should be trained and carefully read the operation manual of the relevant pipe sticking machine.

2. Check whether the compressed air is at the "O" position before maintenance.

3. Overhaul the straw drum, lever and cutter (troubleshooting).

4. Daily precautions for operators to keep the equipment turned on. Employees are not allowed to tamper with the equipment, let alone forcibly operate it.

5. It is not allowed to operate in violation of regulations, let alone use equipment for experiments, and do not allow barbaric operations on equipment.

6. Pay attention to the no-touch area of the equipment.

Application of sticking machine

Rust removers, aerosols, etc. need sticking machine to export the products in the container. Due to the limitations of applicable product objects, the market for tube sticking machines is not as extensive as that for labeling machines. At present, there are very few manufacturers of tube sticking machines in my country, and the types of tube sticking machines are relatively single. With the deepening of the application of pipe sticking machines and the advancement of modern technology, the application of mature pipe sticking machine technology is just around the corner.

How to order sticking machine?

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