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What is strip packing machine?

Strip packing machine is a new type of packaging machine under the powder packaging machine. Strip packaging machine is a new machine for packing and sealing powder products such as coffee, milk powder, chocolate powder, flavoring powder, medicine, sugar, desiccant, and so on.

Working principle of strip packing machine

The feeding mechanism of the strip packing machine supplies the material or product to the packaging material, and then the packaging material is sealed by the sealing mechanism. The control system of the strip sealing machine is responsible for controlling the whole packaging process, including the feeding and sealing processes.

Feature of strip packing machine

a. Plastic strip packing machine integrates machine, electricity, light, and instrument in one, with single-chip computer control, automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error, and other functions.

b. Fast speed. Adopt spiral discharging and light control technology.

c. High precision, using stepping motor and electronic weighing technology.

d. Wide packing range. The same quantitative packaging machine within 5-5000g through the electronic scale keyboard adjustment and replacement of different specifications of the lower material screw continuously adjustable.

e. Wide range of application. There is a certain fluidity of powder, granular materials can be.

f. Automatic strip packing machine is suitable for quantitative packing of powder in bags, cans, bottles and other containers.

g. The error caused by the change of material specific gravity and material level can be automatically tracked and corrected.

h. Strip wrapping machine is controlled by photoelectric switch. The machine operates automatically after manual bagging, so the bag mouth is clean and easy to seal.

i. The material contact parts in the box strip packing machine are made of stainless steel, easy to clean and prevent cross contamination.

j. Stripping machine for box packing can be equipped with feeding device, more convenient for users.

Selection of strip packing machine

a. Whether the strip package can be filled with nitrogen to preserve freshness.

b. The quick solubility of the powder has not been destroyed by the equipment.

c. Whether the packaging of powder has the hidden danger of air leakage.

d. Whether the powder equipment meets the national GMP standard.

Advantage of strip packing machine

a. Tablet strip packing machine can realize automatic packing and improve production efficiency.

b. The advanced sealing technology of carton packing strip machine can ensure the freshness or quality of the products inside the package.

c. The metal strip packing machine operation is simple and easy to maintain.

d. Capsule strip packing machine has high packing precision and can meet the packing requirements of different products.

e. Cartoon strip packing machine adopts microcomputer control with LCD panel, the bag-making system adopts stepping motor subdivision technology, automatically tracking and positioning the color scale of the bag, press the key to set the length of the bag, and easily complete the operation and adjustment of the bag making.

f. Packing machine strip adopts the latest photoelectric control system with self-learning technology, which automatically locates and aligns the cursor in a bag, reducing manual adjustment, (high bag-making precision, error less than 1mm); and improving the usage rate of packaging materials.

g. Plastic packing strip-making machine has the function of speed measurement and digital display of packing speed.

h. Medicine strip packing machine has the function of automatic stopping after setting quantity packing.

i. Strip packing machine working with automatic stopping function for following color error.

j. Steel strip packing machine is made of stainless steel and meets the requirements of GMP standards.

k. PVC strip packing machine can automatically complete the bag making, measuring, discharging, sealing, slitting, and counting, and at the same time, it can be configured to print the batch number and other functions according to the customer's requirements.

l. Nylon strip packing machine adopts an advanced microcomputer controller, and drive stepping motor to control the bag length, stable performance, easy adjustment, and accurate detection.

m. Iron strip packing machine adopts intelligent temperature controller with PID adjustment, which ensures that the error range of temperature is controlled within 1℃.

n. Packaging characteristics of this machine: three side seal four side seal back seal.

Application of strip packing machine

The main usage scenarios of strip packers include food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries. In these industries, strip wrapping machines can be used to wrap a variety of foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. to meet different packaging requirements.

8 main application scenarios for strip packing machine

Food industryStrip bag packaging machine has a wide range of applications in the food industry. It can be used to pack a variety of foodstuffs such as biscuits, chocolates, candies and so on. Strip bag packaging machine can quickly put the food into the bag and seal it to keep the food fresh and hygienic.
Pharmaceutical industryIn the pharmaceutical industry, the packaging of drugs is very demanding. Strip bag packaging machine can accurately control the packing specification and sealing quality of drugs to ensure the safety and effectiveness of drugs.
Cosmetic industryCosmetics usually need delicate packaging to enhance the grade and attractiveness of the product. Strip bag packaging machine can help cosmetic companies to achieve high efficiency and exquisite packaging to meet market demand.
Daily necessities industryStrip bag packaging machine is also widely used in daily necessities industry. For example, shampoo, shower gel, detergent and other products can be packaged using the strip bag packaging machine for automated production, improve packaging efficiency.
Electronic products industryElectronic products usually need moisture-proof, anti-static and other special packaging requirements. Strip bag packaging machine can be customised according to the characteristics of the product packaging, effective protection of the quality of electronic products.
Agricultural products industryFor the packaging of agricultural products, the strip bag packaging machine also has a wide range of applications. It can be used to pack vegetables, fruits, nuts and other agricultural products, to maintain the freshness and hygiene of the product.
LogisticsLogistics requirements for packaging are mainly fast, stable, and convenient. Strip bag packaging machines can meet the demand for packaging efficiency in the logistics field and improve the efficiency and safety of logistics transport.
Packaging and processing industryStrip bag packaging machine has an important role in the packaging processing industry. It can carry out standardized packaging for various products and improve packaging quality and efficiency.

Strip packing machine in pharmaceutical industry

Among many new packaging materials, the strip packaging produced by packing strip-making machine is gradually replacing glass bottles and is widely used in the field of oral liquid packaging by virtue of its lightweight, high strength, good sealing, and strong pressure resistance.

Pharmaceutical strip packages are usually made of PET composite film, which has the features of lightweight, high strength, good sealing, excellent moisture-proof, hygiene and safety, etc. PET has no chemical reaction with most of the drugs and does not affect the stability of the drugs.

The production of oral liquid drugs and health products mostly adopts the method of sterilization after filling and sealing. The oral liquid commonly used high-pressure steam sterilization conditions: 115 ℃, 30min or 121 ℃, 20min, so the packaging must have good heat resistance and rigidity, in the steam sterilization conditions without deformation.

If the glass bottle is changed to strip pack packaging, it will present the following advantages.


Pharmaceuticals are susceptible to moisture and deterioration in the market environment, affecting their effectiveness. The material of the medicinal strip packs can completely block the entry of moisture and oxygen to ensure the effectiveness of the medicines.


Many Chinese medicine oral liquid products need to be heated at high temperatures after filling. The usual process is heating in a water bath at about 100°C or in a water-vapor mixture at 120°C for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Implanting an electronic identity on the medicinal strip packs, which can be scanned by mobile phones to check relevant information such as manufacturer, date of production, product batch number, etc., has excellent anti-counterfeiting effects.


Strip packs are compact in size, not afraid of extrusion, and convenient to carry around. Especially on business trips or traveling, the convenience is much higher than glass bottles. Some special medicines, such as children's medicines can be designed into a unique shape so that children are no longer excluded from taking medicines.

Significantly reduce production costs

The reduction of production costs of pharmaceutical enterprises will be reflected in the package materials, equipment, manpower, logistics warehousing, and environmental benefits, respectively.

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