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Disinfectant Filling Machine

Disinfectant filling machine for sale

What is disinfectant filling machine?

Disinfectant filling machine is a kind of washing type filling machine, which is an advanced filling equipment for disinfectant and washing products according to the corrosive nature of disinfectant.

Bleach is a mixture containing sodium hypochlorite and sodium chloride produced by the reaction of chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide solution. Among them, sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient, and sodium hypochlorite can react with water and carbon dioxide to produce hypochlorous acid, which has strong oxidizing property. This type of material is relatively high for the material and configuration of the machine, so you need to choose high quality anticorrosive filling assembly line.

Working process of disinfectant filling machine

Bottle sorting/supply→air washing (optional)→filling→(inner cap→pressing inner cap)→outer cap→screwing→→labeling→boxing and palletizing

Technical parameter of disinfectant filling machine

Applicable bottle typeGlass bottle, plastic bottle, metal bottle
Applicable capФ20-100mm
Production capacity0-2500 bottles / hour
Power supply/power220V / 1100W
Overall dimension1800*900*1700 mm

Feature of disinfectant filling machine

Disinfectant filling machine is a closed type filling machine, small size, high efficiency, easy to start. It adopts great PLC programmable control and 7-inch touch screen human-machine interface system. The data of equipment operation is clear at a glance. This machine is a high-tech filling equipment which integrates photoelectric sensing, automatic compensation and pneumatic execution.

The data of this machine is realized on the touch screen, and has the function of submerged anti-foam lifting filling, high metering accuracy, is widely used in daily chemicals, chemicals and other high-foam, anti-corrosion liquid ideal filling equipment. The materials used in this machine are all anti-corrosion materials, including: polypropylene, polytetrachloroethylene, fluorine rubber, 316L stainless steel and other anti-corrosion materials.

Advantage of disinfectant filling machine

a. The material contact part of the disinfectant filling machine is made of corrosion-resistant plastic.

b. PLC touch screen control is adopted.

c. Filling volume and bottle size can be adjusted freely.

d. Filling nozzle can be submerged to reduce foam.

e. Filling nozzle is precise, filling nozzle with anti-drip function.

f. No filling without bottle or lack of bottle (photoelectric sensor automatic control).

Application of disinfectant filling machine

Disinfectant filling machine is designed for filling plastic bottles of toilet bowl cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, diluent, bleach, 84 disinfectant solution, disinfectant water, emulsifier oil, perming water, foliar fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, disinfectant, diluent and other strong acidic materials.

Liquid disinfectant filling machine is mainly used for automatic capping and screwing of threaded caps of round, flat and square containers in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, liquor, beverage, grain and oil industries. It can be used as a stand-alone machine, and can also be used with filling machine, labeling machine, coding machine, etc. to form a linkage production line. Solve the problems of screwing/capping not in place, low efficiency and fingerprints contamination on containers, which occur in the process of manual capping. At the same time to save a lot of labor costs, increase the aesthetics of the product, enhance the direct benefits of enterprises.

Use of disinfectant filling machine

During the production process of the bleach filling machine, the liquid or glass fragments should be removed in time. Before handing over the shift, all parts of the machine surface should be cleaned once and clean lubricating oil should be added to all active sectors. It should be scrubbed once a week, especially where it is not easy to be cleaned or blown with compressed air in normal use.

How to order disinfectant filling machine?

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