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What is rice packing machine?

Rice packing machine is a kind of machinery and equipment specialized in packaging rice. With the improvement of people's requirements for food safety and quality, rice packaging machine plays an important role in the rice processing industry.

Working principle of rice packing machine

Rice bag packing machine adopts an automatic control system, which is capable of carrying out weighing and packing operations accurately. Its basic principle is to convey the rice to the weighing device through the given set value, then weigh it, and when it reaches the predetermined standard, automatically start the packing device for packing.

Working process of rice packing machine

a. Rice conveying. The rice to be packed is transported to the working position through the conveying system.

b. Weighing. The rice enters the weighing device for weighing, usually adopting electronic weighing, which can accurately control the weight of the package.

c. Packaging. The weighed and qualified rice is packaged through the packaging device, and different packaging materials and packaging forms can be selected, such as bags and bottles.

d. Sealing. Seal the packaged rice to ensure the sealing and moisture resistance of the package.

e. Make labels. If desired, the package can be labeled accordingly, including information such as brand, origin, and specifications.

Feature of rice packing machine

a. High Efficiency. Rice bag sealing machine is highly automated and highly efficient, which can quickly and accurately complete the packaging task and improve the production efficiency.

b. Precision. Rice sealing machine adopts advanced weighing technology and control system, which can precisely control the weight of packaging and ensure the consistent quality of each bag of rice.

c. Versatility. Rice bagging machine can be adjusted and customized according to the demand, which can adapt to different specifications, different packaging materials and packaging forms of rice packaging.

d. Packaging quality assurance. Automatic rice packing machine adopts hermetic sealing technology, which can effectively protect the quality and freshness of rice and prolong the shelf life.

Function of rice packing machine

a. Rice packing machine can realize the automation of the whole process from weighing, filling to bag making and packing.

b. Rice vacuum packing machine consists of PLC programmable control system, servo power system, pneumatic actuating system to form the driving core, and through the human-machine interface of LCD touch screen, it can complete the multifunctional functions such as product counting, printing date, nitrogen filling (exhausting), and finished product conveying in the process of from weighing to bag making and packing.

c. Setting and modification of packaging parameters is accomplished through the touch screen, which can memorize and store packaging parameters for 10 different products. When changing products, it can be used at any time without re-setting.

d. The unit can be realized according to the need for pillow-shaped bags, corner bags, hand-carrying bags, perforated bags, multi-packed bags.

e. Rice powder packing machine is single chamber and single sealing, with plexiglass upper cover, transparent and observable. It is equipped with a small single-phase vacuum pump, fully computerized control, very small power consumption, easy and simple operation, and vacuum sealing is completed at one time.

Advantage of rice packing machine

Rice vacuum packing machine advantages

a. Improve labor productivity. One of the major advantages of mechanized packaging over manual packaging is improved efficiency. For example, rice bagging machine is much faster than manual packaging, improve efficiency dozens of times.

b. Replacement of manual packaging. Some packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, paste packaging, isobaric filling, etc., are hand-packed cannot be achieved. It can only be realized with mechanical packaging.

c. Beneficial to the labor protection of workers. For some serious impact on health products, such as dusty, harmful, irritating products, hand-packed will inevitably jeopardize human health, while mechanical packaging can be avoided, and can effectively protect the environment from pollution.

d. Effectively ensure the quality of packaging. Mechanical packaging can be packaged according to the requirements of the goods, in accordance with the desired form, size, to get the same specifications of the packaging, which cannot be guaranteed by hand packaging. This is particularly important for export commodities, only mechanical packaging, in order to achieve packaging specification, standardization, in line with the collection of packaging requirements.

e. Reduce labor intensity and improve labor conditions. Manual packaging is very labor-intensive, such as hand-packed large-volume, heavy-weight products, both physically demanding, but also unsafe; and small light products, due to the high frequency, monotonous movements, easy to make the workers suffer from occupational diseases. The addition of mechanical packaging equipment can reduce the labor intensity of workers and relieve their work pressure.

f. Ensure product hygiene. Certain products such as rice, medicine packaging, according to health laws are not allowed to use manual packaging, because it will contaminate the product, while mechanical packaging to avoid direct contact with the hands of rice, medicine, to ensure the quality of product health.

Application of rice packing machine

Rice bag filling machine is able to pack food raw materials, big make, rice, green beans, black beans peanuts, popcorn, cereals, melon seeds, jelly, sugar, salt, laundry detergent and other granular bars and other granular materials.

Use of rice packing machine

a. Strictly grasp the matching ratio of the culture material. Do not include coarse grains of stone and wood in the material. Use of raw materials should be sifted to avoid moldy and lumpy raw materials and lumps, rods, wires and other items into the mix, resulting in congestion, jamming and other failures.

b. It is strictly prohibited to overload the mixing drum by raising it to a higher level. Do not put your hand into the mixing barrel when adding materials, and pay attention to tools and so on not to be involved, in order to avoid danger.

c. It is strictly prohibited to repair the machine when the motor or power supply is turned on, in order to avoid electric shock or injury accidents.

d. In the production work, should regularly add lubricating oil to the main and secondary shafts of the press and the wrist guard shaft, and other mechanical parts should be refueled on a daily basis.

e. Before starting the machine every day, the machine fasteners and other parts should be checked carefully to see if they are fastened and normal, and are in standby mode.

f. After the work is completed, the bagging machine should be opened in the positioning state, cut off the main power supply, the equipment inside and outside the culture material clean, lock the electric control door.

Precaution of rice packing machine

a. Regular cleaning. Regularly clean and sterilize the rice packing machine to ensure the hygiene of the packing process and food safety.

b. Attention to maintenance. Check and maintain the machine and equipment frequently, including the transmission device, electronic weighing system and sealing device, etc., to ensure their normal operation.

c. Strictly execute the operation regulations. Operators should operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures to avoid mis-operation and operation errors and ensure safe production.

d. Power failure protection. In case of power failure or voltage fluctuation, the rice packaging machine should be stopped immediately to avoid damaging the equipment or affecting the packaging quality.

e. Material quality check. Before using the rice packaging machine, the quality of packaging materials and rice should be checked to ensure that they meet the requirements.

How to order rice packing machine?

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