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Vegetable packing machine for sale

What is vegetable packing machine?

Vegetable packing machine is a kind of heat shrink film automatic packaging machine, which is suitable for heat shrink automatic packaging of green vegetables, garlic seedlings, fruits, tomatoes, cucumbers and other products.

Working principle of vegetable packing machine

The principle of vegetable packaging machine is mainly through the robot to put the vegetables into the plastic bag, and then seal the plastic bag. The whole process is controlled by computer with high degree of automation. The main components of the vegetable packaging machine include feeding device, packaging material supplying device, sealing device and control system.

Type of vegetable packing machine

Vegetable wrapping machine can be classified according to different classification criteria. According to the different degree of automation, it can be divided into manual vegetable packaging machine and automatic vegetable packaging machine. Manual vegetable packaging machine needs manually put the vegetables into the packaging material, and then the machine will seal, the operation is simple and convenient, suitable for small-scale production. Automatic vegetable packaging machine, on the other hand, is automatically completed by the machine feeding, packaging and sealing processes, high efficiency, suitable for large-scale production.

According to the different packaging materials, vegetable bundling machine can be divided into plastic bag vegetable packaging machine and paper bag vegetable packaging machine. Plastic bag vegetable packaging machine uses plastic bags as packaging materials, sealing method for heat sealing, the advantages are lightweight, waterproof, drop resistance, good freshness, the disadvantage is the pollution of the environment. Paper bag vegetable packaging machine using paper bags as packaging materials, sealing method for mechanical sealing, the advantages of non-polluting, recyclable, environmentally friendly, the disadvantage is that the waterproof performance is poor, not drop-resistant.

Feature of vegetable packing machine

a. Vegetable vacuum packing machine can be packaged in single unit or any group, it is a fully automatic heat shrink packaging machine designed for assembly line operation and large quantity packaging.

b. According to the specific situation of the products, automatic vegetable packing machine can be equipped with optional automatic feeding system to achieve feeding unmanned operation, and various forms of conveyor to ensure that the materials will not move or roll.

c. Vegetable sealing machine is equipped with anti-cutting safety clutch device, which does not damage the packages, so the overall efficiency is high.

d. The sealing of the products after packing is in the shape of a line, and the steel pattern is clear and beautiful.

e. Bag length, speed and temperature can be adjusted individually, convenient and accurate.

f. Multi-leaf inconsistent packaging machine length can be automatically measured vegetables, such as the length of the bag end of a single package.

g. A vegetable packaging machine system can complete a variety of different vegetables packaging, adjustment method is simple.

h. Data can be automatically saved, can be convenient for continuous production.

i. Fruits and vegetables packaging machines have good packaging and stability.

j. Green peas packing machine reduces the damage caused by bags to vegetables and improves time cost.

Electrical characteristics

a. Vegetable packaging equipment consists of servo motor, servo drive control unit, the control precision is very high, intelligent control system makes all the parameters easy to set, locking accurate; bag forming and cutting length \ sealing temperature and other parameters of the locking more accurate.

b. Servo system replaces the traditional mechanical film feeding system, simplifies the mechanical structure, makes the operation of the packaging machine smoother, the daily maintenance is more convenient, reduces the skill requirements for the operator, and also makes the noise and failure rate of the machine operation significantly reduced.

c. Vacuum vegetable packing machine adopts frequency conversion speed control, which reduces the cost and improves the cost performance.

d. New type of longitudinal sealing heating, which can seal under low temperature and reduce the stopping hot film.

Technical parameter of vegetable packing machine

Packaging capacity30-150 packs/min
Packaging specificationLength 90-400mm, width 30-150mm, height 20-120mm
Overall dimensionsL×W×H, 4750mm×965mmx1750mm
Installed capacity3.66kw single-phase 220v
Total weight1200kg

Advantage of vegetable packing machine

a. Efficient and convenient. Vegetable packaging machine can automatically complete the process of feeding, packing and sealing, which is highly efficient and suitable for mass production.

b. High precision. Vegetable cutting and packing machine can accurately control the length and weight of packaging materials to ensure that the weight of each package is consistent, thus improving product quality.

c. Cost reduction. Cost reduction. The use of vegetable and fruit packing machine can reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency, thus reducing production costs.

d. Freshness preservation effect. Some vegetable packing machines have a freshness preservation effect, which can extend the shelf life of vegetables.

Disadvantage of vegetable packing machine

a. Damaged vegetables. Some vegetables may be damaged during feeding, affecting product quality.

b. Unable to control. Some vegetable packing machines can not control the temperature and humidity, which is not favorable to the growth of some vegetables.

c. Machine maintenance. Vegetable packing machine belongs to mechanical equipment, which needs regular maintenance and care, otherwise it will affect its normal use.

Use of vegetable packing machine


Preparation work before start-up

a. Check whether the screws of vegetable packing machine in each place are loose and fall off due to the transport process.

b. Add a small amount of No.20-40 oil to each movable part, and add high temperature oil at the longitudinal and transverse seals.

Preparation before running

a. Connect the power supply and gas source. The external power supply is 220V, 5KW capacity. The air pressure is set to 2KG.

b. Close the leakage switch and open the main switch of power supply.

c. Set the frequency conversion motor for F30.0, click the packaging machine, check whether the packaging machine can run; start the packaging machine idling, check whether there is any abnormal noise.

d. Set the vertical, horizontal sealing, labelling temperature control table temperature (according to the melting point of the material to set the temperature high and low).

e. Installation of packaging film (see through the film schematic part).

Start-up operation sequence

a. Check whether the lower material handle is in the disengaged state (at this time must be in the disengaged position.)

b. Feed the filter paper into the longitudinal sealing roller for empty process bag making, check whether the sealing is flat, firm and whether the middle knife can be cut off.

c. Check whether the finished empty bag is qualified.

d. Close the feeding handle and observe whether the feeding time is correct. When the inner bag sealing roller is in the horizontal state, the measuring cup should be just aligned with the feeding hole.

e. Disconnect the inner bag handle, the outer packaging film through the longitudinal sealing roller, point to pull the film about 30 cm, set the microcomputer for a fixed length, start the packaging machine, check whether the bag is flat and firm. Stop the machine, and then set the microcomputer to follow the standard, start the packaging machine, check the bag to follow the standard is accurate.

f. After the above preparations are completed, the finished product can be mass produced.

Stopping sequence

a. Disengage the discharging handle.

b. Stop operation.

c. Tap to keep the line pipe away from the longitudinal seal.

d. Switch off the main power switch.

e. Switch off the air supply.

f. Sweep, clean and refuel.

Precaution of vegetable packing machine

a. When the machine is working, you should pay attention to whether the machine sound is coordinated or not, if there is any strange sound, you should stop the machine in time for checking.

b. Use the copper brush to clean the surface of longitudinal sealing and horizontal sealing rollers frequently in order to prevent the material from sticking on the surface, which will cause bad heat sealing and make poor sealing. (Remember to stop the machine when cleaning)

c. Check the machine fasteners parts whether there is loose, disconnection phenomenon.

d. Reduction gearbox should be 3 months to replace the oil, each time to the oil mark in the line prevail.

e. Packaging machine in the process of running do not hand and other objects close to the running parts, in order to avoid personal injury or damage to the machine.

Transport installation essentials of vegetable packing machine

In the factory or workshop transport movement, fruit and vegetable packing machine can be installed in the machine under the four corners of the corner of the corner wheels, pay attention to the ground must be flat, otherwise it is easy to machine casters damaged.

Long-distance transport of the machine must have a solid and reliable packaging box, the machine with the help of four feet firmly fixed in the bottom of the box, the machine must be fixed on the upper part of the fixed support plate and the upper part of the machine suitable for the wooden bar, and in the machine in contact with the parts lined with soft cushions, the outside of the box there must be a "do not invert" and other words or marks, as well as lifting method marking.

How to order vegetable packing machine?

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