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Chocolate Packing Machine

Chocolate packing machine for sale

What is chocolate packing machine?

Chocolate packing machine is a kind of machine equipment used to pack chocolate into various forms. Chocolate wrapping machine can automate the packing process, increase productivity, and ensure the quality and hygiene of the product.

Structure of chocolate packing machine

a. Chocolate packing machine can be single or any group packaging, is designed for assembly line operation, large volume packaging, and automatic heat shrink packaging machine.

b. According to the specific situation of the products, the bar wrapping machine can be equipped with an automatic feeding system to achieve feeding unmanned operation. Various forms of conveyor to ensure that the material will not move or tumble.

c. Anti-cutting safety clutch device does not damage the packages, so the overall efficiency is high.

d. The sealing of the products after packing is in the shape of a line, and the steel pattern is clear and beautiful.

e. Bag length, speed, and temperature can be adjusted individually, conveniently, and accurately.

Working principle of chocolate packing machine

The working principle of chocolate packaging machine can be divided into the following steps

Raw material supply

Chocolate, the raw material, needs to be fed into the chocolate filling machine via a supply system. Usually, the chocolate candies are stored in a large-capacity storage tank and fed into the working area of the wrapping machine one by one using a conveyor belt or other conveying device.

Packaging material preparation

On the other side of the packaging machine, there is a supply system dedicated to the provision of packaging materials. These packaging materials are usually pre-designed plastic film or paper, cut and customized according to the specifications and shape of the chocolate candies. The packaging material is then rationed through a series of mechanical devices to the next packaging stage.

Positioning of the chocolate

Once the chocolate enters the packaging machine, it needs to be accurately positioned on the packaging material using a positioning device. This is usually done using a photoelectric sensor or a mechanical device. After the positioning is completed, the chocolate candies will stay in the specific position of the packaging material, preparing for the next step of sealing and cutting.

Packaging sealing

Once the chocolate has been positioned, the packer will perform a sealing operation according to preset parameters. This is usually achieved by a heat-sealing device or a mechanical device. The heat-sealing device heats the two edges of the packaging material so that they stick together and form a seal. Mechanical devices bond the two edges together by pressure.


Once the sealing of the chocolate bag is complete, the chocolate bar wrapping machine performs a cutting operation to transform the multiple chocolate candy packages into small individual packages. This is usually done with a rotary blade or other cutting device. After cutting, each chocolate candy bag becomes an individual package.

Packaging out

After sealing and cutting, the chocolate wrapper will output each of the small packets to the discharge port of the wrapper. This is usually done using a conveyor belt or other conveyor device that feeds the chocolate candy packets out of the machine. The position and manner of the outlet can be adjusted and customized according to actual requirements.

Cleaning and maintenance

Chocolate bar packaging machine generates some crumbs, residues, and packaging material waste during the working process. To keep the machine running properly and hygienically, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential. This includes cleaning residues, replacing packaging materials, lubricating mechanical parts, etc.


Chocolate fold wrapping machine packs chocolate candies accurately and efficiently by automating the workflow. It works through the steps of raw material supply, packaging material preparation, chocolate positioning, packaging sealing, packaging cutting, and packaging discharging. Through these steps, chocolate pouch packing machine can ensure the quality and hygiene of the products and improve production efficiency. Meanwhile, regular cleaning and maintenance are also important to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Flow pack machine for chocolate's working principle provides important technical support for the production of chocolate.

Feature of chocolate packing machine

a. Chocolate bean packing machine adopts double inverter control, the bag length is set and cut, no need to adjust the empty go, one step, save time and film.

b. Bar wrapping machine is designed with a man-machine interface, the parameter setting is convenient and quick.

c. Chocolate bar packing machine is equipped with a fault self-diagnosis function.

d. Chocolate automatic packaging machine adopts high sensitivity photoelectric eye color scale tracking, digital input sealing, and cutting position, making the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

e. Chocolate envelope wrapping machine with temperature-independent PID control, so it can be better suited to a variety of packaging materials.

f. Small chocolate packing machine with positioning stop function, no sticking knife, and no waste of wrapping film.

g. candy bar packaging machine with drive system is simple, more reliable work, and more convenient maintenance.

h. All controls are realized by software, which facilitates function adjustment and technology upgrading and never lags.

Advantage of chocolate packing machine

a. Chocolate packing machine can realize operations that cannot be realized by hand packing, such as inflatable packaging, vacuum packaging, and paste body packaging.

b. Chocolate wrapping machine can improve labor productivity, chocolate mechanical packaging is much faster than manual packaging. Chocolate packaging, for example, manual 1-minute package 30, while the chocolate packaging machine can reach hundreds or even thousands per minute.

c. Chocolate pouch packing machine can effectively guarantee the quality of packaging. Chocolate mechanical packaging can be based on the requirements of different forms, sizes, and uniform specifications of the packaging, while manual packaging cannot be guaranteed. Especially for export commodities overall quality requirements are particularly important, only chocolate mechanical packaging can achieve the specification, and standardized collection of packaging requirements.

Technical parameter of chocolate packing machine

Speed25-50 bags/min (according to the packaging products, bag size, and material and not the same)
BagPre-made bag
Bag sizeWidth: 80-200mm Length: 100-300mm
Bag materialPE composite film, composite material film, aluminum foil film, aluminum-plated film, etc.
SealingContinuous heat sealing (sealing form: customer requirements)
Sealing temperaturePID control (0-300 degrees)
Pressurepressure seal
Printing1. inkjet printing (optional)
2. thermal coding
3. thermal transfer
4. lettering
Bag feederLeather strip type
Bag change18 clips can be manually adjusted by one key.
Machine weightNet weight, about 2.5-3,000kg
Power requirements3-phase, 380V, 50Hz, 5.5Kw
Air requirement600NL/min, 5-6kgf/cnf
Equipment size1645*1450*1480mm

Function of chocolate packing machine

a. Chocolate packing machine can automatically complete the bag making, measuring, discharging, sealing, slitting, counting, printing batch numbers (can be configured according to customer requirements), and other functions.

b. Chocolate wrapping machine adopts frequency conversion speed control, no need to stop the machine during the speed control process. Positioning stop function, no sticky knife, no waste of packaging film; transmission system is simple, more reliable work, and maintenance is more convenient.

c. Chocolate bar wrapping machine adopts high sensitivity photoelectric eye color scale tracking and digital input of sealing and cutting position, which makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

Safety function of chocolate packing machine

a. No bag will not open, not fill as well as not seal function.

b. The bag cannot be opened or opened incompletely and will not be filled as well as not sealed.

c. Machine stops and alarms when safety protection is on.

d. Alarm display for heating unit failure.

e. The machine stops automatically when it falls below the set air pressure.

f. The machine stops automatically when the guard is not closed or the electric box door is not closed.

Application of chocolate packing machine

Chocolate packaging machine is suitable for puffed food, shrimp sticks, peanuts, popcorn, cereal melon seeds, seeds, tea, sugar, and spices. Coffee and other granular, short strips, flake solid packaging.

How to order chocolate packing machine?

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